3.7 Patch Notes


Hard Knockdown.




lol, I know you can’t cancel lazers into one another :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When do we get the patch? Lol


Tomorrow morning


Yeah this hurt me just a little bit… is it really necessary to remove the hard knockdown AND reduce damage by 28%?

Won’t know for sure till I play a few sets tomorrow, but it did make me a teeny bit sad :wink:

-SE1Z3 aka @franciscapra


I’m hoping it won’t scare me too much to handle the needs, he’s just a pocket jago after all. The real that is my rippy, which she just got bug fixes and not so many tweeks from the looks of it.


Gargos got nerfed? I will still mange and thank you hisako didn’t get nerfed and riptor as well but orchid I don’t know that Glacius buff. Also are the ulitmates coming?


Just curious. Like who?

Jago and Fulgore, as well as Gargos and Kilgore were the characters who most complained about, and they’ve all been toned down. And for Maya, they just lessened the unblockable damage and meterless cash out damage. She still can convert off of anything except EX DP, and with her toolset and mobility should still play out to be a very strong character.


If I remember correctly, it won’t be until May.


So lots of talk about Jago’s medium windkick. But I feel like Gargos got hit almost just as hard. That HKD change is huge, he got damage reduction and his dash grab nerfed. The rest were stoneskin bug fixes. So essentially he was straight nerfed as a character who wasn’t S-tier to start with.

So condolences to the Jago mains, but I fee like Gargos is the real victim in this patch. I guess we’ll see, as Keits has said in the past balance is the sum of all of the changes you can’t just look at it under the lens of one characters changes. Obviously the Jago nerf helps Gargos so maybe that balances things out. My gut feeling though is Gargos got hit pretty hard.


I am trying the new stuff on Windows 10 and i know this was an old patch (it seemed to not work on windows last patch) but what does Fulgore’s new Instinct do now?


Free pip cancels andvthats it


Removes your pip cancel costs.

On this note this is one of my pet peeves with KI. I think some of the characters instincts are not very intuitive and hard for some players to understand. Jago is pretty simple he suddenly throws 2 fireballs that heal him, but how many players ever know that he gets better frames during instinct? Fulgore now almost nothing visibly happens, you have to first understand pip canceling and then you need to understand that you can do it for free in instinct.

It’s far to late, but I think it would have been great for all characters to have instincts that had some sort of visible intuitive change to them even if they are not that good. But something to strike a balance between the players who hit the instinct button and expect to see something and the players who are willing to go to the lab, review the move list and dig deeper into what an instinct does.


Can someone please tell me when the patch drops? Like in ’ how many hours’ not ‘tomorrow morning’ because I might live in another time zone.


It’s already out in the Win10 store, should be on consoles in the next couple of hours (I think 2.5h from now is the later estimate Rukizzel posted)


Thank you very much sir.


Many Sadira noobs fall into this category as well. They pop Instinct and start dropping random webs and never even realize the amazing power of Jump Cancelling.

However this is why I love KI, finding all the cool tech that isn’t always apparent.


Oh it’s up in 2 hours ftom now? I was concerned as I live in Maryland (EST timezone) and was just going on to update and nothing.

P.S. Can anyone explain to me how the Beam Plays KI to get ShinSako early thing works? Do I need a Beam account and be a streamer? Will everybody get to try out ShinSako for the day but only unlock her if the Beam players beat it on Godlike or some other stipulation? I’ve been unable to find any info besides “we will release her early if enough people beat Gargos in SL mode with her during the Beam Plays KI event”. Appreciate any info thanks.


something tells me it will be akin to twitch plays pokemon…but i hope not. the chaos that ensued in that experience(being stuck in a wall because people keep typing up, releasing your own pokemon at the pc and other general BS) im not sure i want to know how it will be in a fighting game. although maybe it wont be that bad since not as many people will be on it