3.7 Patch Notes


3.7 drops Tuesday morning (PDT). Check out the changes coming in our latest patch:

Mira Tech Discussion and Match Analysis (Post 3.6)
Fix Kyle AI

Are Ultimates coming with it? or?










Me after reading the Jago nerfs


hate the glacius change…
but the gargos changes was ok im glad that stone skin bug is finally gone


reduce izuna drop damage because ist a good hkd option

izuna drop no longer hkds



Overall the changes seems very healthy for the game

Love Raam’s kryll cancel change


This is probably a dumb question, but will the shin hisako dossiers and SL quest line come with the update or do they come with the character herself?


Probably with the update. On stage they did hint that there’s a chance you can play as her early


fulgore’s sounds like he’s gonna be a ton weaker with the laser change


When all your mains are nerfs (Kilgore, Maya, Fulgore)


Glacius gets even more scary. Wow!

Jago though, wow reading stuff looks like it kinda hurts. But I’m sure the Jago players can manage it. He’s still pretty strong.

Not for me, I never cancel my projectiles with another projectile, waste of meter. If I’m gonna use my eye-beams I’m gonna use it to close in. not shoot my foe away.

One or the other. As a Fulgore main this doesn’t bother me and I have no issues with not getting max spin speed on Instinct cause I can still pip charge.

Buck up soldier, we’re not done yet. Just remember to keep punching your opponent with physical attacks and you’ll be fine.


youre tellin me you never did med/light laser fireball block strings or hp laser fireball for fullscreen chp pressure? especially considering those are free in instinct


that was an older note that got left in from before we also removed the hard knockdown. our bad.


My shoes ARE pretty awesome.


Oh cool. I’m assuming the same way you were able to play Kilgore early?

Will there be a countdown clock on shin hisako in the store Judy like Kilgore? And when can we expect the next ultimate pack?


I gotta say…as Much as i thought Jago was sort of busted, he got hit HARD. I mean damn.

Glacius? Im gonna have to relearn how to fight against him, but that’s cool. I like.

Fulgore? Well let me see how they intended for him to work in 3.6 now that the spin speed is fixed. Laser non cancellable huh?

Maya and Orchid cant use tumble kick and Flik flak repeatedly for juggles? What, does it just not work? Blow out if they attempt it? Kinda curious how that works now…

Kan-ra. Hmm. Just hmm.

Riptor. Ok, that shoulder charge change i guess will be absolutely huge. Stupid huge.

Gargos…what move is Ixuna Drop? The overhead teleport?

Kilgore. Too many changes to even have a opinion so lemme fight him a few times. Hopefully he doesnt have that stealth “keep some of my old stuff” tech that Fulgore did.

Oh and missiles being destroyable by “projectile destroy boxes?” Does this mean as Kim Wu i can firecracker that option?? I have buttons once again???

Oh, take me away…


Command grab -> press up.



Gargos still didn’t get his recapture back.


General RAAM:
Reduced the cost of Kryll Attack Cancel from 1 meter to a half meter. You’ll notice that when you have at least half a meter, just a few Kryll will appear around RAAM’s legs to let you know you have enough meter to perform a Kryll Attack Cancel. [Upon review, RAAM’s Kryll cancels give him similar freedom to other offensive characters, but at a very high cost. Reducing the cost will help him with some problem matchups, without pushing him too far ahead in ones that he already wins.]

Dear god: Today i’ll let you know i recovered my faith in this world.
Joke aside this was almost as if they had read my mind! The cost of canceling a Shadow Kryll Rush aka the mad bull charge, was too much, complete meter spent just to get close to someone like Gargos, without even a guaranteed chance at damaging him.
I was instead just hoping people would jump away and land close by, instead of realizing they could jump kick me in the face.

Also the Glacious changes are scary, it’s instinct mode will be pure hell.