3.7 Patch Notes


Is Shin Hisako available with 3.7 too ?


no march 21 the latest


It’s not listed but kan ra got nerfed. he can no longer cancel crouching HK into any special.


Because they both do significantly more damage than he does, and get meter while being defensive so Fulgore’s offense should be stronger since his defense is weaker. Glay and Jago have SC regularly, and shadow cancels off unsafe moves regularly on top of both having battery enders. All things Fulgore doesn’t have or is extremely restricted in using. If that makes sense.


Feels so good to be able to play Shadow Lords on something besides Godlike again! :grin:


I just tested out the new patch notes and what I noticed now is Kan-Ra can still manual his Sand Geyser but he can’t link anything anymore after it, was this intentional?


Did the video version of the 3.7 update ever come out? They were talking about it last week and now the patch is out.


After testing I think jago medium wind kick hurts jago the most in like 6 matchups,for the others if it’s well spaced it’s safe. I do think that after these nerfs jago looses or glacius and wulf now. I can’t see right now how jago will get past glacius zoning . I don’t think glacius deserved that buff to lance but time will tell , but one thing for sure is the nerf to jago medium wind kick was undeserved and is the single biggest nerf to jago in this patch.


This I feel people seem to forget that Fulgore has clear weaknesses to.


There are more changes to Fulgore than they put on. Fulgore no longer has a full screen shadow blade dash.


Also, surprise update, frame data has been updated in training mode! Dunno if it’s all accurate, but thank god they are trying.


Can someone share Shago’s slide kick frame data? i swear i was able to punish his LK slide and now i can’t


It’s -5, punishable by most light jabs.


Thanks now i know what will work and what won’t


I feel there are more changes that occured than IG posted. To other characters as well. Shago’s jump HP seems super unsafe now.


It’s been negative on landing since mid S3.


now I think it was just a bug, I just did full screen cyber dash… so confused???


I’m pretty sure there have been so AI changes as well. I was in the middle of a shadow lords run when I updated. When I logged in and started up again, I got stomped! One noticeable thing that stuck out was I kept getting thrown out of stuff I’d usually not. Some examples are arias shadow slide move, and saberwulfs claw rush special move (name eludes me). I’ve done arias shadow move from half screen and still got thrown. Going to take some adjustments for sure.


What diff were you on? That’s some classic Mortal Kombat 2 AI right there. Impossibly throwing you in situations were it seems unlikely at best, lol


I was on challenging. Yeah, felt like Kintaro shenanigans lol