3.7 Patch Notes


No buffs for Sadira. Excellent. Great news. You guys are doing the right thing. Not sarcastic. Really-Really. I’m serious. I like it.


It’s great to see somebody trying to improve himself instead of just going into a ■■■■■ rant. Nicely done!


Honestly as they nerfed some of the characters that give her a hard time, had they actually buffed her, it might have tipped the balance.


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Do you know that what you said is only your opinion, and even if more people share it, it’s just their opinion?

Do you know that other people(like me, and probably more people, but I will only speak for me) like the change and appreciate the devs for their efforts? And this is still an opinion, not a fact “they never learn”

It’s up to you to don’t like the change, but I will ask you something

If a character is more powerful than the others(with a good difference), it’s ok to tune him down a bit?

Was Jago widely considered one of the strongest characters in the game?

Does this patch throws him into one of the worst characters among the cast, or is he still in a good spot?

I would like to hear you answers, with your reasoning


Jago nerf was too much, and fulgore are no less powerful than him.

The thing is: Jago and all chars have tools, but those stupid patches limit your options, you just play the way they want, you are not free.

You have tools, but u can only use specific tools.
This is pathetic.

Stop messing with the characters, omfg, STOP IT!


Everyone who is worried about the wind kick changes should remember that light wind kick (-4) is still not punishable by most light normals (which have no active frames until frame 5). So in most cases Jago will not be punishable, he just has to let the opponent take their turn.


Nothing to bring Spinal and Cinder out of bottom tier. :cry: Oh well at least in this game bottom tier means most of your opponents have a very very slight edge on you but if you’re skilled you are still like 4-6 at worst. I think Spinal’s are mostly 5-5 with a few 4.?-5.? and a couple straight up 4-6s not nearly as bad as the “bottom tier” in other fighters. Still good enough to see a bottom tier make top placement in tourneys. When was the last time someone placed in a tourney with Baraka or Sheeva in MK9, LOL.


Spinal and Cinder are super-solid mid tier IMO.


I’m inclined to agree but the last tier list that was going around 3.6 v2 I believe Spinal was bottom 3 somehow and Cinder was slightly higher, lol. Some of that info seemed… off, lol.


The tier lists are just opinions, not facts. And some people may agree in a opinion, but doesn’t make their opinion more legit. IMO both characters are more powerful than many people belives

Some characters got worse after this patch(Jago, Fulgore, Gargos…). If a character remains untouched, then that character is better agrainst these ones. Cinder, Sabrewulf or Aganos didn’t get any change, but they are better against these characters, who are now worse than one patch ago. That is very important to be noticed

Again, opinion, not fact

You are free to play the way you want. But what cannot be is a char being super good in everything he does.

Jago is super good at close range, now he is a bit worse at medium-far range
Fulgore is still super good at far range, now he is a bit worse, but still very good in this area. Also, his nerf to meter gain is very important. It’s very hard to theorize about this, you have to see it to notice it

You can use all your tools. Do you believe it’s fair to have only good tools? No weakness, only strong points? Jago had very few weakness, now has a bit more, so maybe he is more in pair with everyone.

You sound like a spoiled kid. You can’t demand this just because you want it. Give good logical reasons about why you belive this changes are bad, and please, logical reasons and facts. No blind ranting about your preferences please


I have a question. Do you play Jago because you like the character, or because he was plus on so many things?

Most of the cast gets punished when they try a mid screen move and fail. Why should Jago be different? You still have instinct to give him plus frames. I think all characters need to be punishable when they fail a mid screen move. Fixing Jago brings us one step closet to that.


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Only if you take opinions as facts, or if you take more value on your opinion over anybody else because it’s your preferece.

Also, I didn’t insult you, just pointed your behaviour. Don’t insult me please


I used Jago yesterday! :smiley:

He’s ok. You just can’t use windkick to reliably get in. So a bit harder to get in, but it’s not game breaking.

I was using windkick to crush lows, and catch back dashes, rather than throwing it out on block to get in.


help here please. KI patch is throttling DL speed from KB to about 3.4 MBS. anyone else having issues? I’ve read Xbox servers are having intermittent problems.


Reset your internet router. That seems to help me when my download speed turns to crap.


That’s the best and smart use. Anything else was a bit degenerate, some players really abused that =/


Yeah, not a bad change (it does hurt though lol) , and in some situations you can still windkick and be safe (Instinct, Fireball, ect…) It will be a bit better to fight Jago, but if the person is really good and knows their stuff, it’s still gonna be a hard, uphill battle.


Oh yeah I just realized medium wind kick is still technically safe in instinct.