3.7 Patch Notes


They literally just buffed it…


Jago does more damage than Fulgore, builds more meter, has better mid range normals. Wind kick crushes lows which is an important distinction vs blade dash, changing its use in neutral. Jago’s healing instinct is still one of the best in the game.


Yes, because we the people of the forums have the god-given solutions to fix every problem in KI and the devs should bow to our every whim.

Dagger Assault is getting buffed in the patch on Tuesday by the way.


They are just giving us a comfort in case the move is ruined, what happens all the time. Everyone knows how to stop that move.

There are so many better suggestions on these forums, like return daggers or continue the assault if she is hit.


Sorry but i find this hilarious


Let’s see if it will work. I doubt it! If not, it’s another patch lost and we will need to wait until when for this movement to gets fixed or become useful? Just to remember we are patiently waiting since Jan/16 and devs just comes with bullshit.

I’m not saying they should bow to every whim, but for one year of discussions, this is something to consider.


There has been a concerted effort to make strong forward advancing special moves weaker on block over the course of season 2/3 i think, so the Jago change does not surprise me. I do find the lack of change to Fulgore’s drill charge frame data a little odd though. Maybe they are just waiting to see how the reduction in pip gain and laser into plasma bolt change effects him. But i feel like fulgore should need to commit to a pip cancel dp off blocked M/H drill charge if they are performed without him charging them up.


I have a plan… a GOOD one… Let’s all pick up Glacius and master him (I like him anyway) and then abuse everyone with his awesomeness, and then after IG realizes the egregious mistake they made by buffing him, they’ll nerf him and then we can go back to our real mains…

Of course the real danger there is that we might really fall in love with his awesomeness and forsake our mains… :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t fulgore lose the ability to do this? Like an entire patch ago?? The only reason he still has it is a bug…that just got fixed

A matter of fact didn’t fulgore also get nerfed? Why are people acting like fulgore never gets nerfed or something…


Wow, the Glacius changes were long overdue. Jago got hit hard though. My heart goes out to the Jago players on this one.


Exactly! Let’s play the developers game.


Damn, we can’t cause Kilgore to fly across the screen like an idiot anymore after doing a double Ultra.


I’m surprised we didn’t get Aria nerfs and Sabrewulf/Kim Wu buffs.


ARIA already nerfed by the PD change.


GGs Iron Galaxy.

Tell you what, why don’t we just replace Fulgore’s plasma blades with marshmallows, and his laser beams with fairy farts, and then we’ll finally have the deadly cyborg weapon we all deserve.

KI Memes

Laser canceled into projectile isn’t a block string therefor is unsafe. Projectile into laser was safe pressure. But pip pressure like that is wasteful honestly and you can still chip plenty with h laser and no cancels.


Fulgore cannot pip cancel from a blocked blade dash. He must wait for recovery to dp. So the timing is never different and his drill rushes are all - on block unless charged. So I don’t really see a change here. It’s either throw or Dp he has no frame trap options off of it unless as I said before, it is charged up. Why commit a pip when Jago, SHago, Glacius, can all do the same thing without a pip or meter?


The Pip cancel change seems more like a response to an oversight to his recent Instinct change more than one that was a problem all throughout Season 3.

And now as a result of having infinite pip cancels, the pip cancels themselves are far more limited and restrictive. I’d honestly rather they nix the infinite potential in his instinct than remove something like this from his repertoire altogether.


My mistake, he can’t pip cancel on block. However with this change jago, and glacius can’t avoid getting hit, why should fulgore? Shago can’t after slide either


I mean… I think if you can prove Glacius has some insane dirt and can use it to better effect than any other Glacius player, and you can prove that it’s too good through repeated tournament wins or terrorizing the best online players, then yes it will probably get nerfed.

You are being semi-sarcastic here but in the end, you are suggesting you can “game the system” to affect nerfs that aren’t deserved, and I don’t think that’s how this works. You have to actually find stuff that deserves being changed in order to get it changed.