3.7 Patch Notes


Is the kyle AI gonna be fixed with the shadow counters?


Oh no, I’ve used my light lasers for chiping somebody but I’d usually cancel those into cyber-dash or something else entirely.

If you’re talking about zoning, I usually fire three fireballs at once and at different ranges. I only use my heavy laser when I wanna safely teleport in and punch my opponent in the face.

However to cancel your fireballs into a laser? I can understand that this may affect some folks but as I said before, this change hasn’t bothered me considering the main way I fight hasn’t changed too much since season2 began. Enhanced only by what season 3’s start has done for Fulgore’s lasers.

I can still cancel other moves from either of those attacks however. So it’s not all that bad. Just means you’ll have to mix in some more stuff in your strategy.


Techniclaly all of the moves that got buffed for Glacius are zoning normals, which means they all hit at a range. rather then super up close. TECHNICALLY that’s still zoning so it still counds. Zoning is more than throwing projectiles from mid to fullscreen and beyond.


I certainly understand fixing things that were broken or weren’t performing as intended, but characters like Sadira already struggle with this matchup. I WAS hoping for a minor damage nerf, as he hits like a freight train.

As always, if they see Glacius suddenly out performing everybody else then I’m sure he will eventually get Jagoed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just happy to see that Sadira didn’t actually get any nerfs. :smiley:


Nothing about Sabrewulf, as usual. Ok, nothing to do here, move on.


Sorry to disagree, but fulgore is precisely the one character that can zone, play midrange and also smother his opponent up close. Not Glacius.

As for Glacius, I can understand that you’d have some particular difficulties with him, especially against his floaty jump, because of your lack of sight. But his jump being floaty isn’t a strength most of the time, rather a big weakness. It’s really easy to punish a reckless glacius jump, even a jump back, unlike for the rest of the cast. His liquidize does give him very good evasion, but it’s also highly unsafe if whiffed or done at the wrong time. Simply spamming moves really isn’t something he can do against a good opponent either, as all his normals had some pretty big recovery and his specials have a very long startup (except for cold shoulder, which is unsafe or marginably safe at best if well spaced, but always negative, which means he gives up his turn to press buttons).

Don’t get me wrong, I also have some very big issues fighting him, but I’m perfectly aware it’s a matter of matchup knowledge and simply being outplayed, and not an issue with the character being too strong at all.

Regarding his changes, somehow I forgot to mention them, but they seem pretty huge. His mid range poking game just got a whole of a lot better, IMO. I’m curious to see how this plays out for him.


That’s just a disturbing picture to post,and even more disturbing to have saved on a computer :astonished:


I agree with you both on how drastic the change is.

However, on how ‘fun’ it is? Maybe not so much. After sleeping on it, I feel like Jago (And Fulgore, honestly) has such a toolset that they can choose whether to zone/press and be successful regardless of the character. They can play their chosen game, even though they dont specialize in it, and be fairly good.

If anything, this is going to cause the Jago mains to have to innovate and adapt their gameplay. He’s been tweaked for nearly every patch i can remember, but not like this. I even think these are BIG moves. I have started learning and watching a lot of SF, and Ibuki comes to mind. That a thought is that she plays every matchup the same way and can find success. I think Jago was/is in the same spot.

Im not gonna debate on what ‘fun’ is because that’s a whole different barrel of monkeys. But…

But i consider having Jago players having to decide certain buttons/moves are riskier is not too much of a struggle for them. Im trying really hard to not make it sound spiteful or that Jago players ‘finally get to feel struggle.’ But i know that if im playing as Kim against Jago, if he throws a fireball from certain ranges, he can punish a parry attempt with a windkick followup. Putting Jago players through more of these sort of decisions through their individual matchups doesn’t really feel like a bad call. Even if the means are pretty extreme.


I mean for real, like half of top32 are Glaciuses, I googled some Tusk vs Glacius matches to learn matchup and in most of them Tusk got steamrolled, wtf devs.


Loving the RAAM change for Kryll cancel.




When you fight mine and question your life :stuck_out_tongue:

Before Tusk got the air skull splitter buff with the shockwave, that matchup was pretty rough for him.

Also, to all the people saying that Glacius buffs were unnecessary…you have never felt what it’s like to be midscreen against Jago with no hail and having ALL your pokes be punishable by shadow wk.



After these changes, can anyone think of ANY advantages Jago has over Fulgore?

(All i can think of is overhead range.)


Damage, meter gain and management, health regain, better normals…


You are psychotic, right?

Damage: Jago does not do more damage than fulgore, please tell me where you think this.

Meter Gain: I can SEE why you might say that, but Fulgore wins. guaranteed. Unless you are lucky enough to somehow loose round 1 in the air, so that he cant get his FREE full bar of meter between rounds.

Health Regen: Compared to Fulgores Instinct, there is no distinct advantage. Also, Fulgore’s Instinct helps him NO MATTER WHAT, even if he gets bodied. Jago’s instinct requires you to open the opponent to get any regen

Better Normals: THIS ONE i will give you… but… Blade dash is every thing that Windkick now ISNT. Jago cant just throw out Windkick any more, but Fulgore can blade dash in whenever he wants, and be either close to “0” or POSITIVE.


Um, yes he does.

Are you psychotic?


ZDHome, do you even know what fulgore’s instinct does?

As for damage, fulgore obviously does less damage than jago. He has less meter to dump into lockouts, his combo trait doesn’t raise damage like around the world, and his doubles/linkers do less than jago’s.


You mean Glacius buffs. You said Glacius nerfs.




lol. he must play jago pretty wreckless. a good jago uses fulgores lazers to roast his marshmallows while camping. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think it’s time to leave Maya and play the other characters like the devs want.

They can’t even fix Dagger Assault despite all the suggestions on the forums.

Honestly, this combat design team of IG sucks.