3.7 Patch Notes


Well. Raam is certainly much scarier now.


I’ve noticed that Orchid’s slide is very beefy opener now. Like 42 points of damage raw on the heavy version IIRC. If she can land it, she front-loads a lot of damage in a combo.


After reviewing this thread because I had free time, I want to say something to the combat team:

Kim Wu is perfect as she is; please do not change her with buffs or nerfs or reworks.

Thank you and good night. :slight_smile:


Boo. Kim Wu needs buffs.
I’d be happy if her dragon kick had priority similar to Jago’s windkick----I imagine I’m not using the correct verbage.
Seems strange to get beaten out by normals. It’s also highly punishable on block.


Funny you mention that…

Did the frame data on dragon kick get changed or updated? I could swear they all started up in 10f but the updated training room says otherwise.


Starts up in 13f I believe.

@Timberwolf25 If you fight me you won’t be saying that lol (not tonight tho)


They all vary now. And i KNOW that wasn’t true before, least if youre just going by displayed numbers in training mode…


I’m not a good one to test this on as I’m extra scrubby. I mostly just play with friends and haven’t touched ranked in probably over a year.

I love the game though and really enjoy watching competitive matches. I just don’t have time to get good as I have too many interests/hobbies and not enough time in the day.


Just checked in Training Mode. It lists them as active on 13, 12, and 11 on L, M, H respectively. Don’t know how true this is. Not able to do anything other than check in game data right now.


If that’s the case, it should’ve been mentioned in the notes. They did mention 2 fixes related to shadow explosive arc in this fix but definitely this was not mentioned if it were intentional.


Totally agree with you bud.


Kim Wu still hasn’t had her ultra problem fixed in 3 patch updates.


I’ll put this simply, there is a lot of whining against the Jago nerf. I used to be that way when Fulgore kept getting hit. Know what I learned? This doesn’t work but what can I do to make it work or what else works similar and covers up the change?

Some of you think/say windkick nerf is end all be all… Jago isn’t even my main and these came to mind right away. What makes a DP safe? Shadow Cancel. Can that work on Wind Kick? Yup! What else makes a Dp safe? Instinct Cancel. That also works on Wind Kick. Light Projectile into a spaced Heavy Wind Kick still works too. The move itself is unsafe, but you can use meter from the meter king to make it safe. Shadow Wind Kick is still only -1. So before you sit there and blow up the world, look at your options First.

Fulgore got his unbreakables removed. Prob a good Idea as he could get 50% from these in instinct on a 1 chance guess break. He can still pip cancel the other way, so he can still confirm on you from full screen. He can still blow you up with 3 projectiles of pressure into a mixup, just because he lost one option, doesn’t mean the other options are gone with it. Special moves are just that, they fit a special circumstance. Wind Kick has movement and crush low, 2 good things drawback? Unsafe. Blade dash is movement, and can be safe, drawback? Reactable when trying to make it safe, beaten by slides and properly timed lows. His lasers are not safe anymore, but they are fast, fast enough to throw off an opponent, and for 1 pip can be a frame trap. So if I spend, a -2 becomes a -1 where I get a tiny bit of corner carry and possibly a throw. If a casual Fulgore excentric fanboy like me who used to whine about every change can grow out of it, so can everyone else :slight_smile: check with other people too, look for tech, workarounds, if it still is broken or sucks, it will get fixed. The Devs on this game have the most balanced FG ever. 21 of 27 characters were played in top 32 at KIWC. That’s pretty damn good if you ask me.


Is Hisako’s air ORZ too powerful? What do you think?


(Ostrich Jago 3.7 Update)

Ok. So playing Jago has actually strengthened my footsie game playing for a bit. Since the nerf, I’ve been focusing more on stopping opponents with normals at max ranges if I can, as well as switching from defense to offense a lot during a match if that makes sense.

I felt like the Windkick to me was a tool to always stay on the offensive.

Now that I have to be more wary about it, I find myself switching back and forth depending on the situation, which is interesting! It makes the matches more fun IMO. It’s helping me with my defense too, and forces me to push less buttons.


Any new stuff releasing tomorrow some gold skins maybe? :smirk:


Yeah we’re getting Gold Pack 3 tomorrow.


Who is in gold pack 3? Is it my rippy?


Was any explanation given to the changes in Shadow Lab to point amounts received?


I think gargos nerfs weren’t necessary. Poor evil overlord gets nothing but nerfs since release and personally i did not have issues fighting him.