3.7 Patch Notes


As a Fulgore main, I got knocked back down to Gold because i hadn’t played ranked at all last month, one just to see if the comments I received from a previous player I came in contact with (Saigo no Uta) said “rly? cuz u didnt just throw fireballs the whole game then hit me when 1 landed then teleport away. scrub learn to. play better u are silver if anything not killer”. So I dropped to gold just to see, am I really that bad. Long story short, I went 10 - 4, 3 of my losses were against killer tiers, the only one I lost to who wasn’t a Killer was the one time I didn’t use Fulgore.

I say that to say this, so far, I feel Fulgore is still pretty much in tact the way he was. Other than the first couple of matches where I swear I had a shadow cyber dash that only traveled as far as Jago’s. @TheKeits if this is a glitch, I can try to find the replay and get it to you, because it only happened the first couple of matches after the new patch loaded. But with that said, I think Fulgore will probably be hit again. My poor Fugbot, but no matter what, I’ll keep percervering, except when @ItzTymeToDul or @Dayv0 just thrash me. lol


Is it even possible? What are the requirements to fall from Killer? I thought you could just idle at Killer Rank with 0 points.


You have to play at least one match in Ranked to maintain Killer status. If you don’t, you’ll rank down to gold.


Cinder is considered top tier after the potential damage change and spinal is upper mid at worst.just stop



i dont know how write:
"good criticism"
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There truly should be more players that think like you do in this game.


I just have one question. How do you do the balancing in the first place? By this I mean how do you figure out what is a valid issue vs people just complaining about something they don’t like? Is the overall goal to get all the characters as close to the same teir as possible? I know that is next to impossible, but is that what the balance changes are really about?

Ok it was more than just one question. I hope you don’t mind. Also I don’t have any issues with the balance changes. :slight_smile:


@Cornenator Cherish the fact that you are a rare breed.


If it’s not constructive then don’t bother posting.


Negative opinions are very much allowed here. Myself and the people arguing against you and the other guy have made plenty of criticisms and suggestions for the game, including the ones being made right now.

If you come to this forum to respectfully present your point of view and genuinely engage with others in constructive, intelligent discussion then you’ll find plenty of people willing to accept and discuss your complaints.
But people who come here to mindlessly vent their anger with petty and poorly-written posts, pointing fingers everywhere and crying fanboys when people argue against them, aren’t going to get the same reception.

Again, I’ve said tons of negative things about this game and the content being released for it, and other forum members aren’t flocking around to harass and block me at every turn. If your posts are making those same forum members give you a hard time, I’m inclined to believe that you need to change more than they do.


Shucks :blush:


I think the vast majority of people that I know have the same attitude, I just want to get better :slight_smile:


KI 1 only had a dark feel because of its lack of detail…mystery of the unknown. I mean every intro/ end animation had NO background whatsoever. Once the black backgrounds were filled in the so-called darkness went away. That’s not a bad thing.


I’ll be perfectly honest. When I play Jago, I’m probably still going to YOLO Heavy Windkick more often than I should. :joy:
Probably more so now. Everyone will be like “he’s not going to do that. That’d be horribly unsafe. He’s gonna have to either zone me out or try to get close enough to tr- OW MY SPLEEN”


If it works, is it really a YOLO move?


3.7 Patch broke Aria, for me at least. Whats the deal with doing a shadow explosive arc, then trying to immediately do another shadow explosive arc, only to have it not register and the first just finish as normal? Lot of people online probably thought I was just screwing with them when this happened. During ranked sessions, it looked like I purposely did a shadow arc with no follow-up, which did work as a mind game in some cases I guess but more often than not, I got punished for it.


I’ll admit that playing Jago seems more thoughtful that I don’t get away with the usual shenanigans. One thing that is infuriating now is mid-range tools, it’s tough and made him less appealing in a sense. Was getting bopped by Eyedol within this range last night, they abused it carelessly.

I am still adjusting so it may be my fault for not punishing but boy… it is extremely heartbreaking to have a poor mid-range selection on characters that enjoy zoning.

I agree that I used windkick as a crutch in situations where it was impracticable. One thing I learned was how to successfully Kara-cancel into a light endo so that I could use heavy windkick “safely” as a mobility tool. It is also quite funny to catch people with a raw H. windkick since they never expect I would throw it out so carelessly.


Mine did that too… it was running at .078 KB! Less than 1MB…I was like all hell naw!! !Took forever to update!


I wonder if it’s following the same rule as Orchid Flik Flak and Maya Tumble Kick nerfs not being able to do back to back shadow moves without manuals in between. It makes sense if this is the case.