3.7 Patch Notes


That’s the type of response and thinking that leads to problems.


Indeed, but its not the case here.


You do realize that if someone quotes you they’re taking your own words that you’ve typed out and using them against you right? It’s essentially like shooting yourself in the foot.

No you don’t you could say something like “I believe that the nerfs to jagos wind kick were not needed because…”


Full disclosure: I ate a fair number of midscreen wind kicks while playing last night, and more than a few wind kick (blocked)->DP frame traps. I don’t think the wind kick change was necessary to be honest, but I also don’t think that it runs Jago into the ground or anything.

I imagine Fulgore will still annoy me to be honest, but the laser->fireball pressure was really frustrating to have to deal with, so I’m glad that’s gone. It’ll also be interesting to see how his non-bugged instinct pips mechanic works now.


Well, thank you for providing your feedback and opinion about the 3.7 Changes. I always find it interesting to compare opinions and see things I disagree with myself. Hope you enjoy them though. Don’t worry, I’m sure people with find how to deal with the Nerfs and changes super quickly. :thumbsup:


I thought if someone quoted you it was to call attention to something specific you said so that their opinion is validated which could either work to your favorite or detriment.


Well, if we use our games yesterday as an example, there were times I did catch you with a windkick backdashing, or I caught you not blocking. But for the most part, when I did go to windkick on block, you punished with a Button > Combo, or a DP. So I did have to switch it up a bit. But I played him pretty much the way I always play him. I did feel the windkick changes, but it wasn’t death of the character. It makes sense.


Or that if you actually want to discuss a meaningful conversation but I like the former better even though it does not really contribute anything.


Yeah, my foot has holes, but still kicks pretty hard!


That…doesn’t really help you in the long run either way we aren’t even on topic anymore so I’m going to stop derailing this thread.


Sorry, your reply was non-sense, so i did a joke.


After reading through the patch notes, I like what was done to Jago and Fulgore. I like that Jago can’t wind kick with impunity anymore, even if the move is obviously still a useful tool. The Orchid change to her opener damages seems like a good idea as well.

I’m curious how Kan Ra’s changes will ultimately effect him. He must be a rather difficult character to balance.

Anyways, I was kinda hoping to see a few tweaks to Wulf and Sadira, but that’s 100% selfish reasons, as those are my favorites. A slight damage boost to Sadira would’ve been nice, but I’m sure everyone calls for that for their characters. :slight_smile:

Seeing the changes in this patch made me wonder if they’ll do another full on rebalance at some point like we got prior to seasons 2 and 3. I don’t mean to derail the topic, but I really enjoy the rebalances, as they all tend to give characters some fun new twist or tool plus some significant adjustments that all combine to make them feel like a new version of the character; like the game is going in to its own sequel (which I suppose it kind of is with the seasons).

I’d love to see Wulf and Sadira in particular get some new toys to play with. Not saying they desperately “need” anything, but it’d be awesome if Wulf had more moves off of his run ala TJ and power line. It’d be cool if Sadira could get her ultra ender as a special move or command attack to give her something else to play with on the ground.

Obviously I’m in the minority on these specific examples and that’s fine, I’m not a game designer, of course, but I’d love to see IG make the whole cast even more fun to use then they already are with another rebalance.

Again, sorry for derailing here.


Im a Jago main and I am super happy with these changes as they are improving the way I play.

When I started looking at how I use windkick, I wasn’t using it to whiff punish or crush lows. I was using it to avoid footsies.

I have only played 20 rounds since the patch, but I am already noticing new things about the game and the tools I have at my disposal that are going to make me a better player.

The biggest change I am seeing is that I now have a longer offensive turn as I am not giving it up prematurely by hitting with a minus move.

Is it going to be an adjustment? Yes it’s going to be a hell of an adjustment.

But its not because the changes made are “unfair”, its because as a player I have been using windkick as a crutch.

While I am sure that there are situations I will now struggle in that I used to find easy, I am also sure that there will be other ways around them and that exploring these options is going to make me a better player.


just gonna put this here


Great to hear such a positive outlook on the changes! Thank you for sharing that. I hope it inspires others.


I’ve gone through a whole playthrough of shadow Lords and 8 turns into another and haven’t seen any mimic kilgores, have gotten only 2 more dossiers, and haven’t found any of tusk’s new quest lines. I know the patch took because I can see the last two guardian does have names and shinsako’s face is in the archives. Should I be worried?
Please advise


@Cornenator Thank you for sharing that. Going back on the way I play, I can confirm I was using it as a crutch to avoid footsies as well. You’ve inspired me for sure! :smiley:


It’s what I aim for! ^-^ Buff myself for Sadira!




Great to hear :grinning: