3.7 Patch Notes


I remember asking for these Windkick nerfs back in S1. I was like “whats the point of Laser Sword if Windkick is plus AND covers distance?” Glad to see this change, look forward to seeing Laser Sword more in frame traps/footsies.


No. When done high, the move is often punishable on block and trip guardable on whiff. Up close and tiger knee’d, the best Hisako can be is even (which is strong of course, given the speed of light influence), and at worst she’s -2 so it’s your turn.

The plus on block air-ORZ from S2 was pretty ridiculous in retrospect, but the move is pretty fair now I think. It’s certainly a powerful tool, but not overwhelmingly so.

Random definitional note @SullenMosquito - Fulgore is not “unsafe” after any of the moves you mentioned. He is “negative” (which indicates that it’s not his turn anymore, though pip cancels can let him take his turn back by force), but not unsafe. Unsafe means that if he does something and you block, he’s hosed and can’t do anything about it. :thumbsup:


That makes sense, I’ll try and watch more how I’m wording things in the future. Still learning proper lingo.


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Make Ultras Great Again (Donald Trump Voice) Allow Players To Instinct Cancel Ultra Enders.


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why? 3.8 is on it’s way .