3.7 PATCH Crouching HK properties altered/BUG


This was posted in the bug thread also right? I figure this wouldn’t need a patch and could be done in a hotfix.

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Budget cuts


It’s 36 days now. I have some hope that they might fix it with the next ultimate pack.

In the meantime please check out the setup forum because ALL YOU GUYS USE HIS INSTINCT WRONG!!


MFW you havent seen my Ra.


Please show me! :slight_smile:


Wait, what does crouching HK have to do with punishing instinct puddle punch? I really wanna know please?


Puddle punch can be punished on block. But in instinct glacius get’s 1 hit of armor. To bypass this you can use a heavy attack. Unfortunately st.HP, Cr.HP, St.HK and back+HP are all too slow. Down+back.HP wiffs most of the time.
So there is only Cr.HK left. It still works of course BUT it’s not cancelable anymore, leaving you at -1 frame disadvantage on HIT. That’s not what I call a punish in this game.
Before you ask: No back+MP does not punish instinct puddle punsh

Right now, when glacius teleports from far away you can punish his cross up teleport puddle punch with jump back HK and the none cross up version with jump forward HK in case you see the version early enough.
But until it’s fixed I recommend “punishing” it with back+MP on block because this will at least kill his armor and leave you plus 1 on block.


Offended? Seriously? Is your thick skin rotting away like Kan-Ra’s?


We need compensation at this point. In order for us not to boycott KI and affect the future of KI (theres like a dozen of us), something should be given to kan ra.

I propose a permanent shadow sandtrap. On hit it does not go away, and it can interrupt combos as well. Once used it cannot be moved again ever, forcing you to work them torwards its location for trapping. If you used it in the corner for example and you’re on the opposite corner, you have to work them back torwards it.

If another shadow sandtrap is performed it stacks and 2 stingers are now in effect in the same ■■■■ pile. I mean sand pile. you can stack up to 3. After the 3rd stacked stinger you now have access to a sandbomb that causes an instant 100% pd to both you and the opponent. Like an arnold vs predator type bahmb. Basically whoever yolos the best special move after wins.


Have fun trying.



Yeah, actually.


I was being sarcastic and not very serious…smh.

It would be cool though if we had access to multi traps. Like a way to have 2-3 stacked sand piles/traps around the stage.

This would allow a better trapping and escape game. Youd be able to reversal to any of 3 piles/traps, and you’d have crazy space control with traps stingers and antilions from 3 different spaces. Doing a shadow trap would remove the first regulsr trap, and so on with the next. Once hit, ex trap reverts back to regular trap in order which they were stacked.

One can only dream…right?


The one thing I want the most is to be allowed to place and use sand traps while you have a Shadow Trap out. But that’s just me ig.

Also to be able to instinct cancel sacrifice, but who am I kidding, they don’t give af about us Ra’s.

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Shadow spike is the best move in the game. It’s so good, that I think it’s a fair trade that you basically loose all your HK normals and spike specials.

The only thing I don’t like is when you hit it and the spike and curse part of the move just wiffs. Maybe I should do a bug report.


The rest of us are finally getting compensation for Kan-Ra being overpowered for nearly the entirety of Season 2. I think you’ll live. Being -1 in a punish situation doesn’t bother me since it’s been just over a month. Kan-Ra used to have near infinite block strings, setups that were +10 or more, unbreakable combo’s on top of full screen confirms and unavoidable setups due to the + frames. Had complete momentum control in air, could even force you to block different directions within 1 frame of each other (forming the unblockable setups) and then some. It’s even a wonder that people were losing with this character. People got soo used to what made him broken, when we got justfully nerfed, everyone complained that their character was ruined because they never knew how to play him to begin with. I’ve even been told, “Kan-Ra having Traps means Frame Traps, he needs all of his + frames back” by a Kan-Ra player.

@SaltyFoal586648 It would only be cancelable on hit/block like any other reversal if they did change it. I don’t think it’s that vital since you’d basically only have it 2 times in a match.


What if I told you that Ra still has:

an infinite true block string
50%+ unbreakable dmg combos
+40 (!) frame setups
a new move that is way better than the old shadow swarm

Nevertheless I want my cr.HK back!

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If he does have those, which I sense a hint of sarcasm, they are not brain dead like he used to be. I’m aware that you want your Cr HK back. It was a bug, they are most likely fixing it.


Well, he does actually have an infinite true blockstring. And it’s very pleasing to use.


just head over to the setup forum. It’s all there


Infinite would mean you can sit there and chip me to death with it, it’s a frame trap loop. Anything with startup invincibility would get out of that.