3.7 PATCH Crouching HK properties altered/BUG


perhaps so but this is still a huge change, I guess we got a tradeoff from sand geyser manuals to normal manuals…


Dude. This is not a trade off. This is a certified 100% confirmed bug that needs too be fixed.

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either way I’ve already taken the step to reporting it in the bugs forum good to know your just as upset as I am

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Yes you are right, but we just wanna have this fixed ASAP. At least the way I play him, Cr.HK not cancelling just cripples my offense. There has been found a lot of tech for this move lately and all of this not working at the moment makes me don’t want to play my favorite game until this is fixed.


Thing about development, one code can ■■■■ up a lot of things. Its highly likely that even they don’t know what they did to cause this issue. As much as I can understand how much this hurts Kan-Ra players, you also have to understand that bugs will happen. Sometimes, they’re minor and you can live with them. Other times, they’re downright game-breaking.
Best thing to do is,

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Thanks Official KI Bug Reporting. I never noted the behavior I expected to see after bug correction as part of the process. Now I know and knowing is half the battle.


I am so salty…


You shouldn’t be, it’s not good for your heart. Realistically speaking, i figured they needed at least a month. They wont make a patch then submit it for approval just for one bug, so Kanra must wait.

this is a result of what happens when a company decides to budget cut and underemploy. Quality control goes out the window and they’re left playing bug catch up patch after patch, because. Almost every patch fixes a few bugs and causes a few new ones

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Care to play a set? Saw you in ranked last night.


Odd , I rarely play ranked. Yes I Would like to play, assuming you were talking to me.

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:+1: tell me when.


Any time. Next time I’m on I’ll send you an invite. I haven’t been playing much, and probably won’t be until they fix the Kan Ra bug.

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It’s been 20 days since Ra was seen punishing Glacius’ instinct puddle punches.

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Throw another handful of tallies down…
I feel as a Kan-Ra main, genuinely offended at his balance and bugs right now.


exploited more saucy bugs with the new update? Kan-Ra looks like he’s got no hope for becoming great again :frowning2: :-1:

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Or even just “par” at that.


ehh. maybe. I got bodied by a pretty good kan-ra. pre 3.7 but still potent.

everyone thought aria was crap and now everyone plays her. just a different approach.


@ItzTymeToDul is his crouching HK still bugged?

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There’s not been a patch so there won’t have been a change to the move.


Yes. I’m depressed.