3.7 PATCH Crouching HK properties altered/BUG

I don’t see it listed anyhwhere on the patch notes, perhaps I am blind, but Kan Ra can no longer special cancel crouching HK. Not sure if intentional (nerf) or a bug

edit: Has to be a bug, Cruching HK cannot be canceled into anything at all, not even in combo state can it be canceled into an ender if used as a manual. Jesus guys how did you ■■■■■ this up?

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U gotta be kidding me…

If this is true and intentional I’ll never play that game again.

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That sounds like a bug. You should probably tell the @developers via a message or the bug reporting thread.


Deffo a bug updated my original post, PS. I don’t know how to contact the developers Idon’t use social media, and besides, I doubt they can do anything until next month.

@developers @TheKeits @rukizzel @Delriach


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This is unacceptable. I’ve got a video Im prepping to showcase the bug. You will see me going through all the inputs and how crouching HK is now useless.

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Use the bug reporting thread guys.


All bugs should be reported in the Official Bug Reporting Thread. It’s the best way to get the devs to see it.

I would suggest a less… “malicious” thread title, something like “3.7 Patch Kan-Ra HK bug”


The original intention was not maliciousness, as you can see how am I supposed to know whether it was a bug or a nerf? Keits response implies it may be a bug. I’m assuming it’s a bug based on the fact that it is being affected in the combo system as well.

Relax guys geez… Keits and co will get on it as soon as they can. Things happen…its not like they intentionally do this on purpose.
A more polite and humble approach will go much further than you think.


Yes! My ultimate plan is working! Soon the only character people will want to play is Sadira! Mwahahaha!

In truth that does suck… :frowning:

Thank god they waited until after the world cup to drop this patch. All those kan ra players at the event would have been screwed…


Which kan ra players at the world cup ?


I laughed at this a lil. Bit the only one i recognized were @HWFREEKYJASON and venombuster.


I’m dropping kan until this is fixed. Report it too the bug thread.

@StrayDevilFox read this thread.

THIS IS HUGE considering this is an important aspect for kan to have more options to set up traps in some way! I still like that he can manual more now but to take away his ability to set more traps? my head is spinning…

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It wasn’t taken away on purpose.

Hoping for a hotfix but I doubt that’ll happen after they let Fulgore’s instinct bug stay in the game for 2 and a half months.

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