3.7 PATCH Crouching HK properties altered/BUG


No he’s right, it is an infinite blockstring, there is no gap to do something invincible through it. You just sit there and take it until you shadow counter or get hit.

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What @SithLordEDP says.

It’s a true block string, like back+MP e.g.

If you block the first hit of Ra’s back+MP you are forced to block all the other hits. You can mash DP or even hold forward, during all thos hits, it won’t change anything.
Same thing is true for Cr.MK xx l.swarm. As long as you block the cr.MK you are forced to block the swarm attack.
So as soon as the loop hits on block, you can hold down-forward and you won’t get hit. But you will get hit, if you stand up because Cr.MK is a low.
You won’t get out of block stun unless you shadow counter or stand up.

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Most characters had what you describe in S2 not just Ra


Not trying to be rude @SullenMosquito but I do not quite understand why you visit the Kan-Ra forums as you never seem to have anything positive or constructive to say. You simply say he was OP in S2 and now he isnt so you are happy.


Sleep had a vendetta against Fulgore, had nothing good to say about him, always called for nerfs. Went on te Fulgore forums and never had anything good to say. So I guess you’d have your answer then.


. . . . . .what my Guy?