3.6 Patch Notes


Yeah, my b. Just a bit cranky from being up all night. @_@


All this number mumbo jumbo means nothing to me, but thanks for the open communication for trying to make the game even better!

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Nah… you guys aren’t human… you are super human! :smiley:

It takes special people to make the games we love… special or crazy. :smiley:



This awesome page - https://www.ultra-combo.com/characters/ - is still missing the last 4 characters of Season 3. Though, it looks like it’s been updated in the past couple of days, so maybe you’re already aware.

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I don’t know who should I believe!


Hello, fellas!

Long time listener. First time replyer. Sort of. (Is replyer even a word? Oh well. It is now)

Anyway. Question about the new characters. For those who have purchased the Ultra Edition for each season, or better yet… how do we go about getting these new characters when they are released?

Will it be a bundle package? Will each character be available individually? Can they be unlocked through game play?

Another thing. I wish that you can still earn game play XP. I maxed out at 50 when it was first introduced and since then, earning XP through play stopped adding. Not like there’s an achievement for earning a certain number of XP, but it’d be nice to see how much I’ve accumulated in the last 3 years. I can see how many hours and games I’ve played. Wins, losses, character usage, and etc, but nothing for XP.

Is the XP not adding when game level is maxed out a bug?

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Just remembered.

Frame data information. Will this be updated? I understand that some of this information are still incorrect in the character’s command list for certain characters. (I have yet to check on this for 3.6) Does these get updated at all with new game patches?


I can’t give you the specific path right now but under Leaderboards or Stats (where you get a prompt to press Y to view detailed stats/basic stats) there’s a section where you can view the total XP you’ve earned. If you’re not able to find it let me know and I can look tonight.


Really? I can see what I have under the profile bar (hit X button) but it’s been maxed out for years. lol If it’s under that section that you speak of, that’d be coo. I’m at work atm, so can’t check until later this evening.


I can tell you for certain that it’s there; I can’t be sure whether it’s stopped at the total it takes to reach 50, or it has continued past.

I’ll try to remember to find it tonight and get you the exact path, but let me know if you find it yourself too.


Please fix the AI, Currently won’t do any shadow counters or punish really obvious things like DP’s even on Kyle difficulty. Used to be pretty tough, no idea why someone made AI weaker.


Or you’ve gotten better champ but seriously the AI might’ve been tweaked due to it reading your every move the second your skin touched the controller and made it extremely tough to even get a hit on them.


I have been forced to play on godlike SL and also feel like I am walking through it way to easily, I’m Gold rank at best, should probably have more trouble with the AI, eventhough I would love to think I have gotten better :wink:

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Oh my God, I made a post of this; good to know others are noticing.


That’s what we loved about Kyle though! It was designed to be a monstrous undertaking that left you feeling crushed as the game does everything in its power to break you. The ultimate challenge: it breaks all, it blocks all, it punishes all.
Now it can’t even fight itself! Every shadow counter opportunity left void, every DP unpunished, it’s even dropping combos!


Guess humans couldn’t stand getting bodied by a machine anymore. :laughing:


I said in my post, the AI goes like this in CPU vs CPU now; one constantly blocks, one constantly attacks and wastes your time.

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My guess is that they messed up AI somehow when they introduced shadow lords mode. I really enjoy watching intense CPU vs CPU fights, but right now they are extremely lame and not enjoyable.

Can any dev comment on this? Is this thing even on your radar? Is it a bug or intentional?

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He really doesn’t seem to be a fulgore clone beyond the superficial, aesthetic level.

Which is my main point, new combat-style but recycled models and animations.


I see your point, but you kind of have some wires crossed.

Nope, no wire crossed. Just different opinion.

Omen was/is a bonus character. He was pasted together and inserted into the S2 ranks to bide time while they were developing other characters. He was sold to the community that way, by repurposing Jago and Sabrewulf’s moves.

Even though they used the “it’s a free bonus character” disclaimer to lower expectations, they did NOT mention he was going to be Jago/Sabrewulf recycle specifically. Also, laziest character design. But the worst thing is that this character lower the bar for what could be considered an official KI character. I don’t care if it’s free, I care about high quality characters, that are unique from how the fight, to how they look and how they move. That’s why I consider that the best S2-S3 characters are the ones that are not humanoid, like Riptor, Aganos, and Eyedol.

Shadow Jago is also that way. Shadow Jago is an extra character that the community asked/paid for. Originally he was supposed to be a straight up Jago clone with Boss Jago’s moves, but IG went the extra mile and spruced him up A LOT more.

Extra mile? We paid for it didn’t we? Also lots of recycled animations from Jago and possibly Spinal (Slide/Divekick).

Mira…OK, you may have a bit of a point here. They did reuse some of Maya’s moves/animations here, but they also sold her to the community as the sister of Maya, who trained with her, and thus their fighting styles shared some similarities. In the lore they share a history, thus why they share some moves. Call that lazy or whatever, but that was the reason they gave.

Not discussing the reasons behind these, the fact still remains she has recycled animations for an in-season character as you mention below. Which makes it look cheap.

Kilgore is seemingly much the same as Shadow Jago, or Omen; he, like presumably all of these new characters will be, seem NOT to be a part of a legit season, thus they seemingly would fall into the “extra” (even if we have to pay for them) category. I say all this with just speculation as we have no other details, but yeah, IG/MS DON’T do clone characters…as standard characters in the regular season. But bonus characters, extra/standalone characters, and/or whatever this here “3 new character pack” is/maybe are a bit different.

I like this idea. But Mira proved they’re not beyond recycling animations for in-season characters.

I prefer quality over quantity. Although the extra/bonus characters have a different playstyle, most of them have recycled animations, and IMO it lowers the quality needed in a KI character. Think how S1 character felt carefully crafted from top to bottom. That the standard I expect.

I do appreciate their effort on bringing new characters. I love what they’re doing by making new skins (although they’re quite expensive for skins). I was just communicating an issue I have with their methods. No hate, just healthy criticism.