3.6 Patch Notes


I don’t know if this is a thing or not, but with all the hastle they, meaning MS driver engineers, have had everyone go through, it may be more of a brand issue than anything. MS devices for MS games…which makes sense if you take into consideration how they’ve gated off the windows Xbox games behind the MS store & Win10 app architecture. Perhaps the KI team is wanting to get it all taken care of, but big brother MS won’t allow it.
Who knows? All I know is they made sure the XB1 controllers worked with the XB1 games, and others don’t.


Just find a deployable mission, meet the minimum requirements, launch and move on. You can’t die when deploying, so coupled with skipping turns you really don’t have to worry about character deaths.

The most you can skip now (at least in my experience) is 3 turns. Still though, through using deployments, turn skips, and that corruption artifact, you can skip through games pretty quickly. 15 to 20 minutes max.

Pro tip, amass as many of those corruption artifacts as you can. Using 5 consecutively equals an automatic skip to Gargos. My last 8 Gargos wins, I got all those in about 40 to 45 minutes.

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The controller worked perfectly fine up until Shadow Lords came out. It even worked perfectly in the Shadow Lords beta. It shows as a Xbox controller on the controller icon.


Check in your console’s System settings if there’s an update available (~500MB). Install that and then try. That’s a solution in the thread about this. I did install the update but had to leave for work so I didn’t put the KI update on to check.

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I think arbiter is bugged
i download the new patch and then i go to practice mode and i discover that i cant do autodoubles after medium and heavy overhead special. But i can do autodoubles after light overhead special.


I really hope so. I’m hoping that eagle is kelvin.


that’s how they roll bro. instead of doing these changes by a case by case basis they copy and paste everything all over the game. if your character was in the way, oops sorry bro. ur just SOL. if it ain’t copy and paste, they ain’t having it.


I also see you guys brought back sadira old jump canceling manuals from S1 back. Feels WAYYYYYYYYY easier to do now and I barely get AD’s even while mashing it. Is that intentional as well?

So did you guys @developers give it back?


Ok ill try first thing tomorrow, thanks for the reply!


Woke up this morning to try and do the update only to find out it had done it sometime late last night while I was asleep lol idk how, but im not complaining.


I’m certain they’d just make his Retro look bulkier to compensate.

(Much like Fulgore’s and Cinder’s Retros, where basically the Default costumes are more thin and streamlined, while as their alternate costumes are much more roided up by comparison)

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DD was a fun move, not really a legit strat to use.

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Not sure how widely known this is, so apologies if this is old news. Kilgore can be recruited (and played as) in shadow lords after recruiting him. I did a quest chain taking on multiple Fulfores to finally get to the final two kilgores. After you beat him, homeslice offers to join your team. You’re welcome everyone :slight_smile:

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Fulgore instinct activation sound fx is missing after the update.


About shadow cold shoulder…

These two changes make the damage output from the opener and linker version of this move identical.

Not sure why you would put this in the patch notes when it isn’t true. Opener version does 21 damage/7 PD, linker version does 29.4 damage/9.8 PD. I assumed the 15% buff to the opener version was a typo, but it was unfortunately accurate.


This is the result of the game’s scaling. Shadow Opener Cold Shoulder does 7,7,7,7,21 in my data table. Shadow Linker Cold Shoulder does 7,7,7,7,21 as well now.

Don’t know what to tell you. The numbers I put in the patch notes are accurate.

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Is that 7 and 21 per hit? Great job on Killgore BTW! Oh and Shadow Lords is sooo much better since last time I played 2 months ago.


In the game, the opener version does 7, 7, 7, 7, 7 (at 60% scaling like all shadow moves, so 4.2 rather than 7.) The last hit is doing the same as the other hits instead of 3x damage like with the linker version.


Ah, I think i see what the bug is then. I’ll see if I can get a fix into a future update.


Thanks! Sorry if I came off as rude in the first post.


Just try to remember that all the folks making and playing are human and can make mistakes and miss stuff. :slight_smile: