3.6 Patch Notes


I’m surprised at how small the update is…


I feel Eagle would be a “re-engineered”, as you put it, Thunder. Additional characters would be far better suited as content for another season. The fact that we’re getting three whole characters as an extension of the current season leads me to believe that they were not approved for enough resources for a fourth season. I don’t think this is a bad thing at all.


I personally think Kilgore is pretty awesome, and I have no gripes with him. However I think them bulking him up a little bit in maybe the waist and legs areas would make him look not only better, but also differentiate him a little more from fulgore. If he’s an older model he should look quite as sleek as he does.

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I am currently missing 900 ki gold is this some kind of glitch ? I was just about to get tj combo blade outfit​:persevere::cry::cry:


Can hardly wait till these new fighters/characters make their official debuts/appearances in Killer Instinct soon :grinning: :smiley:

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Guys please

I know the CSS is ordered by time of release, but if one of the new characters is a guest coughcoughjoannacoughcoughpleasegodcough, can we please have it where the guest characters are on one side of the S3 character line and the canon characters on the other? It would just look so much more… aesthetically pleasing.


Its now live for Windows

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Yeah, we noticed. Stared at the update screen clicking “Check for Updates” over and over. It popped up.


Haha same, I pressed that button every 5 minutes for a few hours now.


Same here, im missing somewhere in the area of 6000-8000 gold.


Guys, for those who are having missing stuff problems, completely turn off your Xbox then turn it back on and then they should be back.

It worked for me.


can confirm this works although it worked on the second try

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My stuff got fixed (except for no SL on normal & hardcore yet) hope your issues will be over soon too!

As a side note…I LOVE how Kilgore plays, for such a rickety machine he plays so wickedly smooth, might be my new favorite :grin:


Yeah my stuff back thx well im still missing 200 gold but whatever


Glad to hear it!

Me on the other hand, I am still getting the same message saying there was a problem with the update. I tried doing the hardreset and everything many times but still a no go. Idk what’s going on.


“Cannot skip turn”? Wait, I can’t just skip to Gargos now? Man, I just wanna end my 50 round+ playthrough already, c’mon.


You can only skip a certain number of turns in a row without playing any fights. Finish one mission and then you should be able to skip.


I only skipped one turn and it already says it. Hmm. That’s the only time this playthrough I’ve completely skipped a turn. Maybe mine’s just glitching a bit?


I don’t think you can skip two in a row any more - I couldn’t remember if the change (from a couple patches ago) was to allow only one full skip or two.


Madcatz Street Fighter IV fightpad still doesn’t work correctly.