3.6 Patch Notes


It’s 17:40 atm here in the UK; just looked up on Google PST to UK and it’s 9:40 there it seems.


Yeah, I’m rather disappointed, I’ll likely have to wait until tomorrow before I can play with the new update. I’ll likely have to go to work before it lands.


RAAM is a grappler with very limited ways to get in and no juggle damage cashout. Most of his damage comes from his grabs, none of which cash out potential damage, so I’m not sure how reducing his overall damage from popping instinct (which is generally done mid combo) to give him a chance to get some extra damage after being broken makes him stronger. Guaranteed damage was traded for a chance at extra damage, not exactly a good trade.


thats the point. its not supposed to be a good trade. the damage he gets popping it in the middle of the combo is too great considering if the enemy actually combo breaks they are still in trouble and likely still under the influence of the screen filling instinct. this is a nerf to balance the buff from the pd change.

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Alright! Updating baybee!

The update is 1.54 GB for those who are curious.

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Xbox or pc?


I keep getting a "There was a problem with the update " message?

It shouldn’t be anything on my end considering I literally just finished downloading the new SFV update on my PS4…




The point is this: because being broken cleared all the PD on the defender, most raam players were only using his instinct after confirming a lockout, or to bait bad breaks. They wanted to guarantee the cashout. Now, with some of the PD remaining, it’ll be less risky to use his instinct in a wider variety of situations, as getting broken when you DO open up your opponent no longer means your instinct was wasted–you get a second chance to cash out that PD.


Hopefully PC soon; I want to see if they changed the CPU AI; in the last patch, it was always one attacking and one blocking, instead of using shadow counter.


Still cant load shadow lords in normal difficulty…even worse, my team on godlike difficulty lost all their guardians,m and other resources, no KI gold either, so trying for an xbox reset


Still no update for Windows :frowning:


Why does my KI Gold balance says zero?


You forgot to mention the 3.6 patch will wipe our progress and delete all our Shadow Lords inventory.



Eh at least you guys can still play the game. I was playing earlier, turned it off to go do something else, came back to DL the update and now I constantly get “There was a problem with update” message and can’t do anything to fix it. Hard reset and all.


Same reason your shadow lords items are probably missing…might want to check to be sure…


I still cant play shadow lords on any difficulty lower than godlike without freezing, and I spend around 18.000 Ki gold on those guardians, so I am somewhat disturbed…

What if I play and get new guardians? Can they still bring back my old ones? Will I lose my new ones, will there be conflict, can we even get back our old data??!?



I think I’ll do nothing and wait for the time being just in case my stuff is actually safe.


I understand as I would be upset about that too, but like I said at least you can play the game. I can’t even get the god damn patch to download at all and I know it’s not a network error since I literally just successfully downloaded the new 7+GB SFV patch on my PS4 like an hour or 2 ago.

I do hope you get all your stuff back man. I know there have been times when the game said I had 0 gold even though I had that huge amount from getting S3 Ultra back when it came out and it eventually came back so maybe time will help? Also, are you on X1 or PC?


XB1 is updating, PC…not so much.