3.6 Patch Notes


I see your point, but you kind of have some wires crossed.

  • Omen was/is a bonus character. He was pasted together and inserted into the S2 ranks to bide time while they were developing other characters. He was sold to the community that way, by repurposing Jago and Sabrewulf’s moves.

  • Shadow Jago is also that way. Shadow Jago is an extra character that the community asked/paid for. Originally he was supposed to be a straight up Jago clone with Boss Jago’s moves, but IG went the extra mile and spruced him up A LOT more.

  • Mira…OK, you may have a bit of a point here. They did reuse some of Maya’s moves/animations here, but they also sold her to the community as the sister of Maya, who trained with her, and thus their fighting styles shared some similarities. In the lore they share a history, thus why they share some moves. Call that lazy or whatever, but that was the reason they gave.

Kilgore is seemingly much the same as Shadow Jago, or Omen; he, like presumably all of these new characters will be, seem NOT to be a part of a legit season, thus they seemingly would fall into the “extra” (even if we have to pay for them) category. I say all this with just speculation as we have no other details, but yeah, IG/MS DON’T do clone characters…as standard characters in the regular season. But bonus characters, extra/standalone characters, and/or whatever this here “3 new character pack” is/maybe are a bit different.


so has anyone gotten the patch yet?


Both DB Xenoverse 2 and KI are getting updates in one day.

What the hell XD


and SFV, what are the chances?


Tuesdays…Tuesdays are the universal release dates around the world for movies, games, and most retail entertainment.

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I haven’t.


me neither

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Never ceases to amaze me how people can complain about extra content that they weren’t expecting… :confused:


Anyone tested whether 360 6button fight pads are working without the need for button remappers like XOutput or Joy2Key?


Any idea when the update is going to go live guys?


they said am in PST, so likely within the next 3 hours

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Awesome, thank you for the heads up!


I’m really excited from this news. I’m surprised we’re getting THREE new fighters.

I’m also looking forward to dat Chief Thunder costume!


not me still waiting.


Yeah but from the way shadow characters have been complained about “shadow” is pretty much synonymous with “clone” in this regard. I mean yeah sure if you want to get into the real nitty-gritty about what makes one type of clone character being ok and another not, yeah I suppose we could hash that out, and honestly I really don’t care, but typically any form of clone character, shadow or otherwise, has been seen by the community as just a waste of time and effort that could be spent on a new original character that they’ll b*tch about being too unorthodox to play as and too OP to play against.

For the record, I’ve got nothing against clone characters, especially if they’re done like KI has where they’re still exceptionally unique in their play style from the original.


@rukizzel What’s the size of the update?


Yeah, I got ya. At first I wasnt sure how to feel about Killgore…after seeing the video I think he just looks amazing. SO much to take in. So many new moves and archetype.
But I too was a little …ehhh… not blown away. Like I was expecting something totally different. (Before the video anyway)


I wish. One of my gripes with Kilgore is the fact that he’s the same size as Fulgore.


It’s a placebo effect. It’s like one massive update just spread out on a weekly basis.

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