3.6 Patch Notes


I mean…if you’re neutral-focused, you won’t be afraid of being put back in neutral by breakers. To me, one-chance > setplay > repeat says that you’re scared of neutral, and want to give your opponent as few opportunities as possible to reset the situation, even if it means giving up damage.


Secret stuff?? Exxxcellent


Sure, I won’t argue with that. There’s only so far I can imitate the viewpoint of the “I got the opening, I’m entitled to my damage” crowd before it just kinda collapses in on itself.


I don’t think you understand how good this is for Kan-Ra. He now has a tool to react to the worst part of corner pressure. A 10 frame projectile invincible move that reaches more than two big squares in training mode is exactly what he needed. It also switches sides with your opponent, putting him into the corner for a hard knock down.

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OK, casual player in the room now:

  • New character? YES! (and he looks awesome to boot)
  • THREE new characters??? IS THIS CHRISTMAS OR WHAT??? Oh wait…
  • Quicker SP gain / unlocks via Survival and SL in a casual play fashion? Someone read my answers to the last survey, I can tell :slight_smile:

Well, consider me stoked and eager for more!

Now for some questions:

  • Are the new characters going to be free? If not, how much will each cost?
  • In the “Survival vs Shadows” options, how will the difficulty work? How are Shadows chosen accordingly, or will there be no difficulty toggle whatsoever?
  • “New content can be unlocked by achieving benchmarks in Shadow Lords Archives.” - Care to clarify this one a bit better? Is this something we access within the Archives themselves? Daily challenges? Specific challenges that unlock those specific items?
  • Also, regarding the unlocks listed in the article (including the “EXCLUSIVE TO THIS METER: NEW FULGORE COLOR”): are these daily/weekly/monthly unlocks? Can you unlock them in any game mode or just SL? Are they rewards for specific challenges? The “meter” shown in the video gave the impression of being something common to the entire game on a whole and not just a specific game mode like SL, but I would appreciate a bit more info on how it works…

And on a personal note:
Thanks for making this casual player happy again :slight_smile:

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Just gonna leave this here…


Glacius doesn’t just “hit harder” now - the Opener version of EX Shoulder hits a little harder, to better frontload punishes when he spends a bar on them, but the more-oft seen Linker version actually does LESS damage, softening up some of that 60% lockout damage. So, when you aren’t doing dumb shxt he can blow up, he’ll be doing LESS damage now.


I have a big request to developers, please add a “Tag Team Mode” (VS and Online Mode) in the game.

It’s gonna be awesome if we can play together with a friend with this mode, like Mortal Kombat 9.

With this mode, I think there’s no place for other games XD

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Kilgore looks AWESOME! Congrats IG! I can’t wait to play him!

Also, what about the Christmas accessories? Any news? ;-;


I miss Christmas skins, accessories…

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What confuses me is that they say the damage of the opener and linker versions will be identical, but if that were true it would be a little more than a 50% increase in damage rather than 15% for the opener version to match the new linker version. Probably a typo in the patch notes. For comparison, the new shadow shoulder would do just about as much damage as wulf’s shadow leaping slash. Definitely still respectable damage, and much stronger for punishes, but you’ll probably see 1-3% less damage on lockouts when glacius dumps both bars.


I love you guys, but I’m weary of “new” characters. You used to proud yourselves on making unique fighters and avoiding the shoto clones plague.

But that changed with Omen, from then on, we can see it with Shadow Jago and then Mira. No full-clone characters yet, and from a combat design standpoint they’re as unique as you get, but there is a lot of animation recycling and some actual move recycling.

And then comes Kilgore, who in paper, I love. And I get why, narratively, it makes sense for it to be similar Fulgore, but how is this not a slightly altered clone character? I’m really asking, I’m not being sarcastic. He seems what Ken is to Ryu in SFV. I mean, I’m hyped, but I’m also weary. I don’t want to feel like they’re cutting corners when designing these new characters. I want to see the same love and craft put into them as the other original characters.

Just a braindump from an OG fan.

Edit: Added formatting.


Kilgore has a bunch of things fulgore doesn’t–high and low projectiles, an air projectile, a retreating projectile and an advancing projectile, some kind of lock-on missile attack we have yet to even really see used, and an airborne body projectile. His teleport functions as a stationary dodge, he builds PD over time at max heat…this guy is bursting with unique tools and we can already see how unique his main mechanic is. He really doesn’t seem to be a fulgore clone beyond the superficial, aesthetic level.


I think he’ll be fun to play as. However, as cool as he may be, I don’t think I’ll ever leave Sadira, but Killgore does look like a hoot to play with, especially against the likes of Gargos.

I think I’ll nickname him… Mr. Bang Bang!


Maybe they considered it with the 200% damage bonus for the first hit?

Could make sense in a raw shadow cold slouder, but it wouldn’t work in a normal into shadow Cold slouder…


I totally didn’t run any numbers, or even really think about it mathematically XD. I was just sorta trusting their explanation of how it’ll work out. If it works out as described, I’m a happy camper (got a bad tendency to lockout on Shatter Linker, which I feel like I shouldn’t even try breaking…).

@rukizzel Is it too soon to talk about pricing for the upcoming characters? Will they be sold in a bundle, or separately, or are they a part of S3, or a mish-mash of these options? I just wanna make sure my pennies are all accounted for. Surprise pricing announcements are just the worst, especially when close to release.


I prefer sir kill a lot lol


Maybe some players are just using Rekkas and neutral hits into resets…causing bigger damage than intended? Ive been leveing up Orchid the last few weeks and Ive come to love doing 2 rekkas and then resetting into a new rekka opener…gets em everytime on wake up! lol


But he isnt a shadow character. He has nothing to do with Omen. He is just another Mark III thats probably been sent out to destroy Fulgore or someone, yet he just isnt quite ready yet.

I think he is cool and its a chance for IG to make a new character quickly to keep up engaged while we wait for S4 or KI2.

Better than nothing?


Are you concerned they’ll cost an arm and a leg?