3.5 Patch Notes - Shadow Lords

I’m sure everybody gets one. The whole roster can be created as a Shadow right?

Gargos as a shadow is going to look cool lol

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:smiley: yeeeee

Well since the Shadows now have a specific skin… I guess that alleviates the worry everyone had about being able to pick a character color for your shadows.

I was hoping that the skins were unlocks only. I know that it makes money for IG and that is great, but it gets old watching people play and beat games with their wallets.

I am really hoping for some new achievements.

Thanks to IG for giving Eyedol the love he deserves :slight_smile:

You might want to train your Glay some more. :).

Now I am not actually saying that you are bad. Just that fighting shadows works just like fighing AI

Who’s ready for part 2 of this update?

It’ll probably just be text about balance changes for the most part but still, I hunger.

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I am. I hope they tell us how many shadow points it takes for a skin. I hope that is still comming out next week, and not on Wed.

I just wanna destroy eyedol already since I was too noobie as a kid to beat him on snes lol although I did beat him on classic ki earlier this year when I got it lol

@rukizzel you’re slacking brah!! :laughing:


Yes, I need more informations.

Waiting for the Shadow Skins reveal liek


Maybe the next color will be real skin skin

Not looking like this is going to happen today.

Well they’re just purple. Even with simple imagination based on the shadow shadow Jago pic you guys should be able to get a pretty accurate image in your heads.

Well there is more than just the skins coming in the second half of the update. lol

When one of the Devs mentioned “all of your shadows…” does that mean that we will be able to have more than 2 shadows? Or do they just mean the standard 2 shadows and I am reading too deep into the comment?

@rukizzel just posted something on his Twitter in response to a question on this subject.
Said he has to redo the capture work, but that he’s still working on it.
So there’s still a good chance!


Well that’s good news, really hoping they dole out some buffs this time instead of nerfing everything into the ground like Eyedols jumping HP.

Well in their defense it was needed badly however poor gargos has been getting nerfed left and right since his launch.

Oh I’m not going to deny that his HP needed a nerf, not at all but now its so inconsistent its practically useless and the change of animation makes no sense. It used to be a glorious overhead swing that caused a ground bounce, now its… a sideways half-■■■ swipe that for some reason causes a ground bounce? The animation change was not needed, they could have just scaled down the hitbox like they did with Shago’s pizza cutter.

I’d rather see the low tier characters get buffed more to bring them into play than see the better ones get dumbed down.