3.5 Patch Notes - Shadow Lords


and if we dont beware what will happen? :wink:


Well… It’s tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m excited to see what these skins look like.
Also, my girlfriend is absolutely ecstatic that there’s finally going to be a purple Hisako. You guys really made her day! :blush:


I didn’t see anything about it here yet, but since some items are getting rarity changes, will Kan-Ra’s Emporium recipes for those items also change accordingly, or will they stay the same?


I just want to know if this patch fixes the controller support that was broken in the last patch.


What’s the point of purple recolor on every character? I thought they would be something like Omen’s VFX skin. Its just a recolor?! That’s it? OMG…


lol. that’s what I said.

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@rukizzel must be trolling, :smile:
They are just as the green mimics but purple. It cannot be just a boring recolor, can it?:confused:

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im afraid it is so :frowning:


Well, it’s always good to have free colors, right? It’s not like you have to pay for them.


they will be added to STORE. AKA drop your KI gold for SL skins…

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Like every other color in the game…

Even Color 9’s, and you can’t even pay for those.

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SP Points. Points that are gained from playing Shadow Survival, and training your shadow. Matches your shadow wins.

I have so much saved from doing lots of Shadow Labs, it’s not even funny.

Edit: What Dolphin said too.


guess its time to grind some shadow :slight_smile:

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Same. So many people have fought my Glacius Shadow so I got a ton by doing nothing lmao


thats not true, you dont really have to pay for them just unlock. You have to drop KI gold if you dont want to struggle for them


And you don’t have to pay for the Shadow skins either.

Your point?


i guess we should all wait until its realesed and we will se how it is :slight_smile:

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Those Kim, Jago, and TJ Skins are going to be so cool! I already know it! :smiley:


myself lazyness :sleeping:


and what about omen and gargos if they even get one