3.5 Patch Notes - Shadow Lords

Check out what’s coming in 3.5 in the first part of our Patch Notes here: http://ultra-combo.com/3-5-patch-notes-shadow-lords


First part? Hoo boy…

Before I read it I’m SO EXCITED. LET’S GO


Shadow character skins? I wonder what those look like…


Show you tomorrow…


:OOOO oh gosh

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So I can have shadow shadow Jago? :thinking:




:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: that’s fire!

It’s an actual thing now… Oh my god…


Can’t Wait!

Thank you for the update. I noticed it said that new guardians are in the patch , but it also said (coming soon). Does that mean we won’t be getting new guardians with the patch or are we going to be informed about them at a later time? Just curious what exactly to expect. Thank you.

Oh…I really don’t play Shadow Lords…but the shadow character skins sound lit😃

I wonder if Jago has a shadow skin because you know…we already have one of those

So shadow skins are like mimics but purple instead of green?? Interesting

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Seems like a cool update, although I’m not a huge Shadow Lords fan. :thumbsup:

You should totally show a Hisako shadow skin tomorrow @rukizzel :slight_smile:


Seems like people had been assuming (and are still interpreting) that Shadow skins were unlockable from Shadow Lords but it seems like it’s from Shadow LABS, right? ==> “Added Unlockable Shadow Character Skins to Store and SHADOW LAB

Will other characters get character artifact buffs?

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Added Unlockable Shadow Character Skins to Store and Shadow Lab

Yeah, so shoutouts to all the people who don’t train their Shadows :slight_smile:

EDIT: I assume we get these skins by beating Shadows online, right? I don’t think it makes sense to unlock them based on our shadows since we can only have 2 at a time. Though I would like our shadows to have some influence on our progress for getting them.

You must complete the Relic Hunt quest before Shadowborn will show. This quest will unlock a 4-part quest line that unlocks new Mission types.

Good to see more variety coming our way.

Dragon Spirit – Kim Wu’s Dragon Canon deals 20% more damage

I did not ask for this, nor do I need it, but thank you anyway :kissing_heart:

Critical Hit damage

This is new…my curiosity is getting high. Assuming this isn’t just counter hit damage.

For 3 Turns: Take No Chip Damage

Take that, Rage.

Godlike – Health regen caps at 100%. Additional attack performed if full Resurrection occurs.

Uh, ok? Better knock him out of it, then.

Fixed an issue that caused Omen to spam crouching attacks from incorrect ranges

Yup lol.

Great changes, looking forward to those new skins and jumping back into Shadow Lords!


Yep, shoutouts to me, cause I’m just going to buy it with KI Gold :thumbsup: