3.5 Patch Notes - Shadow Lords



So it’s essentially like mimic skins only purple and without the smoke right?

So on ARIA it’s almost gona be the same as her pimp colour (purple gold) aka colour 3.


If you look closely, there is smoke

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Well guess I’m passing on that then.


yay! Microsoft paint apparently barfed on all the KI roster.

quick some one adjust opaqueness filter and MS paint for KI 3.5 is here. and for God sakes someone blow in the Nintendo so we can get the Game Genie codes working in shadow lords update for 3.5!

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:fearful: It’s Shadow Shago!! Lmao


it baffles me how people can get excited for a glorified paint job. heck my iPhone can alter pictures colors too. this is pretty weak IMO

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More customization is always a good thing. Why are you pushing it down?


because it’s not good for games in general. it’s not customizable, it’s color variations. if they really care how about they include an RGB color adjustments slide editor? why not? because it’s easier to spray paint everything. I appreciate the thought, but I expect a higher standard.

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Yeah, doesn’t seem to make sense that only 4 characters get special buffs for no real thematic or story-based reason. The only thing linking the 4 characters at all are the fact that they are Season 3 characters, but that doesn’t seem like a very compelling reason to bother with this special feature. Not unless they are going to (or eventually plan to) have special buffs for every character.

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I just wanted to pop in and say that I’m excited like everyone else–and also very, very thankful that we’re gradually getting new skins. I know that’s been way up there on the community’s wish list so it’s cool to see you guys listening, as always. :] Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see what else lies ahead as far as customization goes!


While I hope other characters may get their own buffs…
I’m pretty sure Tusk being immortal is a story based reason why he can’t die. It’s actually a pretty major part of his story arc.


No fixes on the dossiers/movies that are not unlocking???

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We’ve asked this question before, and they said it would a take lot of effort to do it that they didn’t consider worth it above other features.

How about you just not use the color and move on?


@SlenderCashew50 happy now?


Oh, yeah, I mean the buffs themselves may have some story-based reason, but I mean like no story-based reason why ONLY those 4 and not anyone else. Like, for example, if all the “Ultratech” characters had a buff or all the “good guys” got a buff, etc. I can kind of understand, as at least there’s a story-based reason linking them together.


Well he can die. Just not through normal means…I wonder if he loses a limb or gets decapped what happens? He doesn’t have regeneration. So what happens?


From what I’m hearing on twitter, it seems like Shadows AI may actually be making it into the mode through these “Shadowborn” enemies…

Can’t say for sure (stop dancing around with words, devs!) but if this is real, it’s going to be fun.


This is so good… I can’t wait! I’m gonna go hard on Shadow Lords this weekend and try to stock up on gems & stuff. Man @rukizzel @TheKeits @BlitzedKraig @Delriach you guys get all of my admiration and respect but most of all gratitude. This game has been a tremendous source of enjoyment and stress-relief in my life as well as a unique tool for bonding with a few hardheaded family members. You guys are immensely talented and never fail to surprise me and keep me eagerly anticipating what’s next!

Thanks so much for all the great work, see ya on the 22nd! :smile:

EDIT: Oh yeah, I also cannot friggin wait for the comic series!! Is there any news on when the writer/artist will be announced? Consider me first in line for issue #1!

-@franciscapra aka SE1Z3


ya, that’s why my first post says that it baffles me. lol. I could care less. It’s generic as it could possibly be. and that is sad