3.5 Patch Notes - Shadow Lords


@FengShuiEnergy Incorrect.

*Only Gargos can actually Kill Tusk

This is the direct quote from the developer’s post. It clearly states that Gargos is the only one that can kill Tusk, and according to Tusk’s story, he’d need Tusk’s sword to do it.

Additionally, he totally does have regeneration. In the dossiers, after Tusk was attacked by Shadow Jago (who failed to kill him) Hisako took him to a cave so he could do just that.

Dossier VII: Two years ago Tusk was blindsided by one of Gargos’ newest creations - the sinister warrior known as Shadow Jago - who attacked Tusk with an Astral relic: The Oblivion Shard. Unable to kill Tusk, Shadow Jago erased the Immortal’s memories. The swordsman collapsed and fell into a coma, but he was discovered on the snowy plains by the last Astral Gatekeeper who brought him to an ice cave (along with his sword Warg-gram), sealing Tusk inside, and leaving him to regenerate.

The only one who can kill Tusk is Gargos. Otherwise he will just come back, as he’s already demonstrated.


I’m still calling BS on that until it’s proven.


Hmm…purple Fulgore. Don’t think I’ve seen that since KI1.


Because there’s always people that have something negative to say about everything. Lol


Dude. It’s in the game’s dossier written by the developers. They flat out said it. It’s an established part of the lore. This is already in the game.
How much more proof do you need?

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@FengShuiEnergy be like :joy: jk


Head do the shadow lab and work on my shadow shadow jago shadow.


[quote=“rukizzel, post:8, topic:16191, full:true”]
[/quote]So they’re identical to mimic skins but purple, as we speculated.

Pretty awesome but hopefully we get the option to change their clothing colors because a lot of them clash terribly!


they also said gargos took tusk’s memories not shago’s.

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Jago gold skin and I’m sold!


Though I’d think that could be settled by saying “My kid got me these Immortal Memories for Christmas” :stuck_out_tongue:

^Sh*tty MS Paint Christmas Present

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Well shago works as gargos hand doing anything and everything he says and I’m pretty sure gargos wouldn’t mind taking the credit for whatever his minions do.

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True, gargos is arrogant like that. He suffers from “harmatia”. Which I found funny.


I hope kim wus ultra rhythm was fixed with this patch.


Do you not take credit for handing someone a napkin? You used your hand right? Gargos just used his “Hand” to steal them.


From what I can tell, the characters that have Ultra Rhythm issues is because they don’t know how to deal with the hitboxes on certain opponents. That’s why Eyedol missed(or misses, I haven’t checked recently) Mira entirely and drops the Ultra.
I do hope that gets fixed ASAP


All they have to do is increase the ultra hitboxes to ridiculous sizes right?


Will the shadow lords leaderboards get fixed or reset?


Oh and another thing. Are we going to know the epilogue of some quests? Because some have cliffhangers. Example, if you play ARIA and get the get the ultratech security level 3 she says something about “so you’re still here. You might prove useful soon.”

It can’t be the fulgore CCIX since we already know she kept that. So what it is? And from the sounds of it she made it long ago.

Or is that non-canon?


Hopefully. kim proceeds to skip on the 8th ultra note of every character i ultra.

It only started after the shadow lords rollout