3.5 Patch Notes - Shadow Lords


Yeah pretty much also i think gargos is not allowed to enter their world until certain conditions were met though I think I’m more than likely wrong on this.


Why add the Shadow auto check to the dlc check? Why even have the dlc check. WHY :frowning:

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I’d think its so the game can load up all of your DLC. :stuck_out_tongue:


Every single time? I wonder what makes it so that it takes over a minute each time.


For me it’s like 15 seconds on Xbox.


KI has a LOT of DLC. lol

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If I had to guess, it’s because of the way the game is formatted. The free game is the base game, everything you’ve ever purchased is technically DLC. So all of your characters and costumes need to be checked off individually as a separate piece of DLC.
I could be wrong, but that’s how it looks.


So I’m guessing that the new shadow missions will have you face other peoples shadows in Shadow Lords right? What about guest character shadows? I’m sure they will get the Shadow skins just like they got the Mimic skins but will be able to fight them.

It wouldn’t be fair to those of us that have trained our guest character shadows for them to be exluded from the mode.


On twitter…

"Remember when you all asked for Shadows in Shadow Lords? Yep that made sense #killerinstinct 3.5”

"Hope Will Never Die ‏@SonicDolphin117 2h2 hours ago
@Kranged “Wait…are you being coy or is Shadows AI actually in the mode now?”

“Kranged ‏@Kranged 2h2 hours ago Austin, TX
@SonicDolphin117 check the 3.5 patch notes :)"

"Hope Will Never Die ‏@SonicDolphin117 2h2 hours ago
@Kranged “Shadow Missions.” “Shadowborn.”
“Don’t you get my hopes up! I want to see my Glacius shadow conquer the world for Gargos Kappa”

“Kranged ‏@Kranged 1h1 hour ago Austin, TX
@SonicDolphin117 it can happen!"

I’m getting excited.


You are using the word “generic” wrong.

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so weight are we getting the colors and accessories for shago and omen this update or no?

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Omen & shadow jago accessories may very well
Come when all the other new accessories come


Well now Shago and Omen’s default blue colors will make less sense if all the shadow skins are going to be purple.

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Hopefully these skins can just be changed to player colors so they’re not congesting up the costume menu.



shhh try not to make sense here or use the word, “generic” incorrectly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Character Specific Buffs

The following characters have permanent Artifacts equipped to them:


Immortal Spirit – Tusk always returns to War Room gravely injured when defeated *Only Gargos can actually Kill Tusk

Kim Wu

Dragon Spirit – Kim Wu’s Dragon Canon deals 20% more damage


Vampiric Spirit – Mira’s projectiles drain the opponent’s Instinct meter



THeSe SOUNDs so good and make senses :grin::kissing_heart: @rukizzel


I’m pretty sure acting that salty about the skins not only means you do care, but you want us to care about your opinion. And that’s alright. Just don’t expect us to agree or understand your petty attitude.


Generic is the most vague criticism I can ever think of.

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Retro shadow skinz plz.

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