3.4 Patch Notes


Seems like jago hasn’t been hittin the gym with them nerfs XD


Idk, KI it’s not what it was. I’m really missing season 2, actually dk why I still playing.


After reading up on your previous posts (most of which are also pretty negative, I’m not sure why you’re still playing either - if you really don’t like it, why not move on?

In any case, what was it that you liked about S2 that’s not in S3? IMO, I think S3 has a LOT more to offer, bug and balance fixes alone notwithstanding. Personally, I think you’re just nostalgic and are glorifying something that wasn’t actually as good as you think it was (at least compared to the newer season anyways).


Its called evolving. Sf has evolved during decades, SF II is a totally different game from SF V. Killer instinct is evolving each moment, which to me is very good.

Obviously you can disagree, but if you continue playing maybe it’s because you still like it. Maybe you preferred past times, but well, time changes, and I prefer adapting


Me too; it’s what keeps the game fresh and exciting. You always have something new to learn, try, or even complain about. It keeps people involved. :slight_smile:


In the corner, omen was +11 on his throw. Thus he could execute special moves that hit in less than 12 frames. Most of omens attack moves (except heavy slide) we’re able to connect off of this throw into a one chance break level 2 combo. When lightning flurry is combo’ed into from a grab, or any move that has enough advantage on hit, the kicks look EXTREMELY similar because the hit stop changes. Tonerixskate used this tactic ALL THE TIME because it was so ambiguous, not to mention if you cash it out then it was a level 2 Ender, meaning more times than not you are getting guaranteed meter and a set up in the corner. It was to unfair because the hitstop made it hard to dissern how to break it. I used it sparingly because I was expecting this actually. If you didn’t use this tactic then it doesn’t affect you. However I’m curious on how this affects >throw: instinct cancel: slide<

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And you didn’t tag me -_- lol I see how it is. I just broke it down for him.


I think I still playing cause of my clan. We have a really good time when were playing, but I can’t ignore the fact that almost in every update they nerf Maya. I miss most of the things that Maya did on s2.

I can understand that they change the damage ender cause it was too much but there are other things like not being able to throw a dagger after a shadow DP that don’t make sense to me.

Im disappointed with s3 not because they always nerf Maya but for the fact that there are other characters that need it more.


I’m not a bad player, I’m actually pretty good but yesterday I played against a Sadira and I only took 15-20% of her life bar and for me that’s unfair. Why they don’t give Maya SOME KIND OF TOOL to fight Sadira…? they know shes Maya’s hardest match up. I had hopes before the streaming and what did I see? Sadira buffs.


They said Instinct into slide is unaffected…so we shall see.

I always thought the throw in the corner into light flurry kick was obvious of what it was because the speed of the kick slowed to a near halt. If you cant tell what that speed is… I mean its 10x slower than if it were done in neutral or as a linker? I never used the slide after corner throw so I cant really comment on that.

Owell, I guess it doesnt effect me too much as I always connect with a manual after throw.


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Eh? Maya fights Sadira pretty well actually. Down+HP is a godlike anti-air, mantis catches jump out attempts, Maya generally air-to-airs better than Sadie, and she hits harder to boot.

Sadira gets good pressure on knockdown, but that’s about all she’s got going for her in the MU.

And dagger toss after shadow DP was degenerate. 30+% one chance cashout after an invincible reversal is a bit much. Getting out of pressure is quite enough - characters shouldn’t be taking huge chunks of lifebars off of them with almost no chance to break.


They way u tell sounds easy but its not. Maybe it is against low level Sadira but when you fight godlike Sadiras like Mitonson’s it’s not.

Maybe I’m wrong and it’s me that I don’t know how to play against her but I keep what I said. Maya NEEDS MORE TOOLS TO FIGHT SADIRA.


What do you suggest?


“characters shouldn’t be taking huge chunks of lifebars off of them with almost no chance to break”.
Tusk? If u fail a breaker youre done and same with Thunder Mira Glacius… The Keith told me once that they don’t have character preferences inside the team but cmoon are they blind?


Failing a breaker is not the same as only being given one opportunity to break.


And DaytonJ made my Hisako look positively weak; that doesn’t mean Hisako doesn’t still beat Tusk on paper. Great players being difficult to fight isn’t necessarily an indictment that a character’s tools are lacking in a given MU - it just means that great players are great players, and have largely figured out how to maximize their characters’ strengths and minimize their weaknesses. I mained Sadira until very late in S2 - trust me, Maya has options against her. Not saying it’s an easy fight or that Maya blows her out or anything, but she has options.

And losing 30% from a one-chance off an invincible reversal is meaningfully different than being destroyed for getting locked out against a Mira, Tusk, or Thunder. Tusk’s equivalently degenerate strategy, one chance->stagger ender->one chance->stagger ender, was also nerfed.


Didn’t the devs give their reasons for removing the dagger toss off of her shadow kick, though?

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There are chances to break Glacius all over the place; not the same thing as only having one opportunity to break.


I really don’t understand people saying that they miss older seasons. It’s like they wanna play the same game forever like it was in arcades years where games had no update. Modern Games are in constant change, this increases the game lifespan and give the new players the chance to learn new mechanics at the same time of an older player.

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The KV inflicted by Bloody Seekers has been increased by 20% and deals the full amount even during low KV juggle states. (While cool, some of the Seeker juggle loops were just too long to ask players to be hit by with nothing breakable happening. This change shortens these combos, but they remain a great option for guaranteed damage.)

What does KV stand for?