3.4 Patch Notes


So, I went into exhibition to try out some of the new changes.

…and I only have 1 thing to say.

I :heart: Kim Wu. :slight_smile:

I was actually winning with her! :smiley:

Okay, that’s 2 things, but you get the idea. :wink:


I swear the game lists RAAM’s CG’s as throw invulnerable, though.


Well the game also listed light emergence as low invulnerable, said Riptor had a fully invincible reversal, and doesn’t mention shadow cold shoulder is fully invincible. It’s not the most reliable source for move properties.


Shadow cold shoulder isn’t fully invincible though.


i love the direction ig is going with patches. thank you ig/microsoft


You sure? There’s no green hurtbox throughout its entirety if you turn hitboxes on.


All characters I had beef with got nerfed.

My mains got buffed.

I like.

Tusk buffs make me like


It’s projectile and lower body invincible last time I checked.


Enjoy that shadow step while you can.


Hope you guys liked the stream!


Read through all the notes and I gotta say I like what I see. I’m not an expert fighting game player by any means so I couldn’t tell ya whether these will be for the better or worse like I could with a game like League or Starcraft. But as a die hard fan of KI I just wanna say I appreciate the passion and dedication from everyone over at IG and MS, especially shoutouts to Keits, Goddard, and Rukari. :+1:


I am looking at it right now.

Without being too dramatic, but both your explanation and Sajam’s combined with some of the justification written in the Patch notes, really made me happy. I hadn’t touched the game since April because of how dominant certain characters or certain styles of play had become. Normally you move on but KI is too good of a game to pass up on.

So, just want to thank both of you @Sajam . Having an extra understanding of the potential impact of the latest changes was such good information. No guarantee for the future but less annoying stuff generally means more fun IMO. SL is also lots of fun, therefore hope to get back at it.


I posted a salty rant in the Glacius thread, but when you say “true meterless reversal” into combo either I don’t understand what these terms mean or you are using it wrong. Puddle punch can be thrown on startup - both medium and light always could and those were the two buttons that could combo… So, if “true reversal” doesn’t mean “invincible reversal” then what does it mean? And why after having this senseless characteristic for nearly three years is patch 3.4 the right time to change it? What’s the problem we are trying to fix here?


What we’re trying to fix, I’d say, is make it so a zoner doesn’t get a combo off of a fully strike invulnerable reversal. Seems pretty obvious to me. This is something that I never liked, so to me it comes off as a very late very good change.

Glacius is a really good zoner, he has very good keep away, considerably stronger now with multi hail and an improved liquidize during instinct.

I always felt it made no sense for him to have a way to avoid meaties that gave him a combo starter to boot. I actually hate that any character gets combo off of meterless reversals, but much more so in an archetype that is designed to eat away at the opponent’s health from afar.

With cold shoulder slowly being toned down to avoid excessive use for free, his buffs to zoning capabilities and now this, I’d say it’s pretty clear IG understands that Glacius is meant to be a zoner and intends for him to have the faults a zoner is supposed to have, and the strengths as well.

Puddle punch being throw vulnerable still meant that after finally getting in and scoring a knockdown you were forced either bait the reversal or limit your offense to a throw, instead of properly meatying him for true wake up pressure into good dmg. Otherwise you were risking a full combo punish, from a character who hits like a truck, too.

Feel free to disagree, though.

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She does - shadow clever girl is fully invincible. And shadow cold shoulder is very stuffable. The game certainly has its attack data misses, but these aren’t examples of it.


Puddle punch actually could be stuffed by meaties. The timing was tight, but believe me, I’ve experienced it enough times to know it was possible.

Here’s my thing. Glacius’ ranged game is actually incredibly weak. If you want to limit his close range options, why not strengthen the area he is supposedly meant to use. Hail’s damage is laughable for such a easily avoided, slow moving projectile. It literally takes fifty hails to deplete one life bar. Shatter is one of the slowest and most reactable moves in the game. Should he land it, his ranged auto doubles are among the easiest to break in the game, and all for damage out put in the lower tier. He has to bring his opponent in close to get his higher damage payouts. How is that in line with his role as the game’s “de facto” zoner? Finally, why give us a soft knockdown on medium puddle punch? I’d prefer at least a hard knockdown for the trade.

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Was this in the corner only or just anywhere? I didnt think you could connect from a throw mid screen unless you instinct cancelled in to slide. I think I know about the light flurry, I have done it before many times…it comes out really really slow compared to a normal flurry linker or special.

So what does ambiguous special move mean?


Corner only

Remember TJ tremor before the patch which added the blue trails? Really hard to break when cornered.

Thats an ambiguous special move.

Flurry is somewhat ambiguous. Maybe Omen playerscan identificate it easily, but if you are not used it’s hard to identificate the strength

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It’s funny cause they think they’re making a better game but they actually not. Either way thanks for the +2 Dagger assault, but stil being useful.


…and your reasoning here is what exactly?