3.4 Patch Notes


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Hey guys, why no fix on the TJ combo last breath bug AFTER a full ultra? I posted 2 videos in the bug thread showing how he can revive after being beat by a full ultra due to the after ultra juggles build his instinct meter thus eventually reviving him and restarting the match.
Now Ive been told “well just dont juggle TJ after your Ultra!” Nope…I dont want to hear that. Is this not a bug thats able to be corrected or just not priority?


Fixed a bug causing the raw/opener version of Shoot Toss to deal the (greatly reduced) damage of the in-combo version of the move. A raw Shoot Toss now deals the intended ~12% (40 pts of damage) up from ~3% (14 pts of damage) (Shoot Toss damage was pretty pitiful due to this bug, making it a lower value option when going for resets. This should increase fear of the move and allow success with other options more often as well.)
Raised the damage on the in-combo version of Shoot Toss by ~10%
Fixed a bug that could cause Last Breath to not trigger if TJ was hit out of an Armored move. (We were sad to see this bug cost Thrash Heavy a game in Top 8, but we had been working on a fix for this for a while and were able to submit one a few weeks before that event. We know bugs that affect tournament matches suck, but this one took a lot of effort to fix. Sorry it took so long!)
TJ was missing a counterhit window on the startup of many of his special moves. These have been added, so you should see counterhits occur against TJ as expected now.


Hey Infil, can you help me understand what this means?


Throw now has a manual cancel window on frame 54 and has 8 more frames of recovery, leaving it +3 (down from +11). This means that you’ll still be able to combo normal attacks in the corner with the exact same timing, including the 5 frame buffer it used to have, but you will not be able to combo into specials attacks like slide and flurry anymore. Instinct cancels are all still intact as well. (Throw into ambiguous special move of choice in the corner is proving too strong on Omen. We will evaluate a change like this in the future for similar throws on other characters if they prove problematic


VKim Wu!!!

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Dragon Sweep & Advancing Shadow Firecracker & leveled Firecracker Enders


‘spend the dragon’. New Kim code motto catchphrase


just give me a new costume and colors and maybe a new hairstyle (the concept shorter high back long front do) & im yours eternally

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Well, I must say, I love about 95% of these changes. Really really happy with how it turned out.

Rapidly going over each character that I find had the most significant changes (or that I find I can better comment on):

Jago: I feel this is pretty much on point. His dmg was a bit too high to capitalize off random lockouts with instinct gain from his combo trait and also huge damage. Still kinda feel his FB’s may be a bit too strong, in terms of meter gain and damage, but I’m happy with the nerfs he got.

Wulf: Even better setups after c.LK flipout. I feel he already had very good options, but now it becomes much more of an option to flip out > crossup > meaty with good buttons. The dmg buff to shadow eclipse will be more than welcome, to make his only reversal mean something, and to further increase his juggle cash out.

Glacius: Absolutely love the nerf to puddle punch. It never made any sense whatsoever, to me, that a zoner would get a true meterless reversal into combo, no matter how negative it is. Not getting reversal’d will only mean the reversal dmg, which is just about perfect.

Thunder: exactly what we’d been asking for. Meterless reversal meant too much meter for cash outs and random shadow COE’s, and overall sammamish > skyfall juggles were far too damaging. The character should be much more honest now.

Sadira: Changes look just about delicious for any sadira player, I’d say. This character is one of my most hated MU’s ever, and I abhor fighting her. Still very happy to see her get some love in the form of more opening opportunities, instead of simply more dmg. She should be a character who needs to work for her dmg, but that can absolutely mess with her opp if played well.

Fulgore: Love seeing his teleports further reducing the reactor spin speed, to try and dissuade ppl from abusing them, and love seeing that completely disgusting blade dash > DP autocorrect finally gone. But above all, his DP > laser no longer being possible to be made safe is amazing. Love it.

Omen: No longer gets throw > special in the corner. Love it.

Kan ra: more reliable reward for correct reads on high and medium clutch = awesome, also better shadow swarm durability also good in the neutral.

Aganos: Stomp made good, seems like someone was reading through the aganos threads ='D

Cinder: Less shadow opener dmg and free chip with fission. See above. Brings a tear to my eye to see live proof that the devs are constantly listening to us. Still feel like DP > instinct cancel shouldn’t lead to a one chance guess break shadow cash out, though =/ that’s the one thing I feel cinder should have changed about his gameplay. And I also feel like a meter indicating fired up state is really kinda needed… I have huge issues keeping up with when he’s fired up or not, and that means determining how to punish his DP. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one xD

Kim Wu: Overall really good changes, more reliable shadow counter, even better reward for parry and extra value for dragons with this change as well, resource ender hugely buffed. Really like it, and I don’t feel it’ll be too good because it means forgoing huge damage on high level dmg enders for the resources. Old, short sweep made safe should give it some use, and new command sweep seems very nice as a cancel from other normals for a HKD.

Tusk: Very good to see the stagger combos reduced, the character really didn’t need one chance to breaks over and over again for that kind of dmg. Good to see him get another way to bypass zoners and more value for his jumps with skull splitter buffs.

Rash: Still feel his sweep should be -5. I mean… that range. But overall, he’s fine.

Arby: Unsafe shield is something that should’ve been obvious from the start. Full inv, extra health and bypass projectiles and… safe on block? What? xD Now it should be perfect. Self grenade buffed on use with shield and made truly unsafe on wrong use = amazing. Carbine loops toned down = really really good. Carbine neutral dmg upped also good, IMO. It should be used much more in the neutral and not for combo confirms like it was.

Mira: Love these changes, after testing them out. I was initially aching in my heart, when I saw more nerfs xD but both nerfs are warranted and they didn’t hit her hard at all. The buffs more than make up for it, and now she feels like she can get life back at a considerably better pace. I still feel that bite enders should recover a bit more, especially shadow embrace ender, but I’m happier to see the bite linkers actually becoming good. Less ridiculous dmg output on the mist combos coupled with much better life regain should make it worthwhile to use her instinct without as a neutral tool in the first life bar, instead of always going for the confirm into combo, and it should also give us a better reward for spending life to open ppl up and then popping instinct. The life swing will now actually be bigger than it was, if there’s enough silver dmg to be regained!

Gargos: Seems like he got toned down in the frustrating department, and that’s about what anyone should want from him. No more minions getting back up during combos is amazing, less jump height for random fleeing around is also good and less distance for air reckoning as well. No more HKD from dmg ender, which obviously should’ve been gone a long time ago, YAY! Less dmg for portal punch combos is also good, seeing as how the neutral punches weren’t nerfed and they were the most important for his zoning, IMO.

RAAM: Yes! Shadow kryll rush should now be a really good tool against zoners! A good read on a fireball can mean a punish from half screen away with the faster speed and projectile inv! Suddenly, you’re in your opp’s face, at +4 to boot and with kryll dmg on him! Loved it =’) Also the ultra motion swap and toned down instinct damage. Perfect changes, basically. Everything I felt the character should have changed.

Eyedol: Yes, nerfs to so many degenerate things (F.U. j.HP and 6MP x’D), more frequent random switching and overall tone downs for tools that were too strong and buffs for tools that needed it. Will have to see how he feels, but in theory I’d say he’s about the same in terms of gameplan and overall feel, but actually how he should’ve actually been in the first place, playing fair and requiring some though behind using him.


One change I still really want to see is RAAM getting Kryll shield on the active frames of the Kryll rush. With him now being projectile immune during the grab animation, that means that he can charge headlong into a cinder inferno and still get hit out of it because the Kryll armor doesn’t apply to the grab itself. I love the rest of the RAAM changes but this one has been a long time coming.


Haha I actually had practiced the Gargos minion thing for about 2 minutes beforehand but eyedol was tough cause I don’t know how to combo with him at all lol. Actually that was the first time I had even ever booted him up past the character select screen.

Personally, I didn’t want to try and take over the show and keep interrupting Goddard as he went through the changes however I did do that still a little. We were on a time schedule as well hence why we didn’t go through every note or every character. @Sajam I’m sure is a lot better at explaining stuff like that.

We also have to remember that Keits and IG usually do these balance streams and are darn good at them for a reason. This one was kind of last minute since IG couldn’t do it and neither me or anyone else was really prepared.


Before, Omen got to do forward throw into neutral version of lightning legs, which was pretty hard to break.

Now, they removed the ability for him to do that, and instead can only do “regular” manuals or shadows.

If you weren’t taking advantage of throw -> neutral 4-hit lightning legs (any strength), then you won’t notice this change.



I agree, it’s a super big bummer that Keits and company weren’t able to do this stream. I think getting the combat designer, who is responsible for all balance changes, to give his insight into why the changes happen is something incredibly useful that no other fighting game does.

Ideally, it would have been cool if James and team did the talk about Shadow Lords, since that’s their jam and they were very clearly excited about it, and then toss it over to Keits and Isaac at IG for a balance patch stream. Best of both worlds for everybody.

Do we know the reason why the IG guys weren’t able to do a stream this time? @TotalJimkata @rukizzel ?


So that I can stop refreshing the KI twitch page incessantly - assume you and Sajam’s stream isn’t happening tonight?

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I am doing the same. Refreshing twitch and twitter waiting for a time lol


At a guess, gone into hiding due to frequent abuse and general toxicity from the competitive community. I think we should take silence from the devs as a tacit confirmation of this.

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I think we’re still gonna give it a shot, just have to get our schedules to line up. We both had really busy days so it’s hard to know when it’ll happen.

I know you’re on the east coast so it might kind of be tough (also, our stream might be kinda long). If you can’t stay up then be sure to catch the archive!

If it gets super late, I will post in here and also on twitter about what’s happening. As of now, though, I think we still plan to try and make it work, hopefully soon.


Some time within the next 9 hours would be appreciated.


Cool beans. Yeah, I’d like to stream monster it up with you guys, but if it gets too late I’ll have to catch the VOD.




To be a bit more clear, I’m just wrapping up my work for the day but Sajam is still busy for the time being and we’re unsure when he’ll be finished. When we know more, we’ll be sure to share asap.


Good changes overall, and I really apreciate the explanation for most of the changes. I was really hoping RAAM would be throw invulnerable during his command grabs like all other command grabs in the game though :S


Okay, Sajam and I are gonna do this now on twitch.tv/sajam

We’ll start in 10-15 minutes


I’m sad you can’t do it on Beam. IT finally blocked Twitch because of how much bandwidth we were using so I can’t watch it now. :frowning: