3.4 Patch Notes

Buckle up. You’re in for one helluva ride.

Check out the full Patch Notes here: http://www.ultra-combo.com/3-4-patch-notes

Edit - need the link. You get the notes after the stream. Mwahahaha.



But the stream is tomorrow?

I think the stream is in 20+min

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Not cool, not cool…



You’re evil. :smiling_imp:

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bruh :expressionless:

You got me dude haha by the way is that you ballin on your picture ? @rukizzel

Duck move @rukizzel …duck move. :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed for Lord Spinal getting a small buff or two :slight_smile:

Agreed. Duck move. :rage:

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You mean moving ducks?



Dah!!! I don’t enough bandwidth to watch the stream hajkqhbdidknsnkaidhkwllldbakl

That’s evil !! D=
But I agree to watch the stream first. I’m waiting for it

Can someone tell me how to turn down the video quality of beam? I’m trying to watch the stream, but at 1080, I’m getting tons of stutter, and I want to turn it down but clicking the 1080p icon does nothing.

Edit: The stream is locked at 1080, so internet speeds like mine can’t keep up, it’s just going to constantly freeze, so I’m getting super irritated by the fact I can’t watch the stream almost at all, I’m giving up. I’m gonna check back in a few hours for patch notes. I don’t see why the stream is locked at such a high setting and pretty much makes it unwatchable for some viewers.

OMG, those Kim and Sadira nerfs!!

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I believe they are dual streaming on twitch.

The stream is also on twitch guys, I’m watching it on my xbox right now.


Trying to watch on your phone in a building that, for whatever reason, seems to be a frickin dead zone is not the best way to see this stream. :slight_smile:

Hoping to catch it on YouTube when I get home from work. Anything big besides Sadira’s new combo trait?