3.4 Patch Notes


Tuks and Kim got good buffs!


Wulf too. :thumbsup:

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I missed it because someone said it was tomorrow in another thread. thanks

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Glad minion damage was reduced no more double KO lol. I say Gargos got off pretty good. Those Sadira buffs though. …shudders


Gargos - Reduced the jump height of Forward and Backward Double Jumps by 20%



RAAM says “super thank you!” and then gives Glacius the evil eye.

EDIT: And Omen, too. He gets an evil eye, too.

EDIT: “Reduced the travel distance of the Air Light Crusher to reduce player’s ability to run away using it. (Gargos ability to run away is still present, but this particular move made it far too easy in a few matchups.)”

RAAM is dancing the macarena in his underpants right now.


Raam is a very happy locust now.



On the up side, I love the Kim Wu changes, they’re awesome.

On the neutral side, it’s a shame to see Cinder’s shadow fission opener get nerfed so hard, but OTG bombs sounds REALLY fun.

But I gotta say, I am a little upset over Glacius’ changes. I’m glad that heavy PP is now a real reversal, but why would I ever use the medium version now if it doesn’t combo anymore and can still be stuffed? I’m also gonna miss getting a combo off light PP on wakeup, but I guess it’s still good for trip guarding…I guess.

I gotta deal with these changes just like anyone else, no reason to complain any more than that. All the other changes were great, if a little underwhelming for some characters.

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Ok…so Gargos’s changes won’t significantly change the way I play. Good. :smiling_imp:


[quote=“SonicDolphin117, post:29, topic:14774, full:true”]
it’s a shame to see Cinder’s shadow fission opener get nerfed so hard[/quote]

It was actually really REALLY strong as an opener so it made sense to me.



-Aganos gets buffed. Forward HK now has uses(I see potential here)
-Gargos remains the same for me. Minions not hitting a second time if they are hit it’s expendable, like the changes
-Eyedol remains the same, but different in many areas. Eager to test them
-Tusk new properties seems very fun!
-Kim looks a lot better
-Big like to Raam Krill rush changes!

So overall, I’m very happy with this balance patch!

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I nearly spit out my water reading those Kim and Cinder buffs. Pyrobomb just got so much more fun. :imp:

And High-Low Mixups for Kim, and a resource ender that gives more resources? :heart_eyes:


I love the idea of pyrobombs launching OTG opponents! That sounds so fun! The reduction on the Shadow Fission opener damage is fair. I can live with it. As for those Kim buffs? I’m super excited to spend more time on her again! Great job, IG! The changes look good.


Those Kim Wu buffs got me feeling like I have

  • Stomp Walk now crushes lows until the 1st active frame of each step.
  • Stomp Walk 1st hit is now -3 on block (was -10) at zero chunks
  • Stomp Walk 2nd and 3rd hits are now -3 on block (was -5) at zero chunks (Stomp walk was a pretty bad move. Now it’s a pretty good one.)

Why doesn’t Iron Galaxy LISTEN TO US!? I gave them suggestions in a Twitch chat several times (which then disappeared after 10 seconds) !!!


Guys, you missed the best change of all:


  • Moved the manual cancel window up 1 frame on both Medium Linkers to allow crouching medium attacks to manual in these situations.

■■■■ YES. No more 1 frame links after medium linkers. Riptor is top tier now.

Seriously, 1 frame links after medium linkers are the moral challenge of our time. Learning to manual after a medium linker is the closest thing to learning a KI character’s BnB’s. If one of the characters you use suffers from this woeful affliction, I encourage you to speak up. (Like I did a bunch of times for Riptor, and look what happened! :slight_smile: )


Lots of good changes in these patch notes. I have tons to say… I could talk for an hour about them, and I plan to with Sajam tonight on stream! Dunno time yet, but it won’t be earlier than 7 PST, and probably later (I have work deadlines and Sajam is also quite busy this afternoon). Hopefully it happens, though. Tune in if you are interested in my or Sajam’s opinion on KI balance!


Where will it be streamed? Sajam’s Channel?


It’ll probably be on Sajam’s channel, yeah. We’ll give the time/place on twitter when we are 100% sure we can make it work. We’re both really busy today but we want to try to make it happen.

My thoughts in summary:

  • I like 95% of changes, most of them a lot (Thunder reversal, Gargos minions, Arbiter gun loop)
  • The changes I’m skeptical on aren’t a big deal and will work themselves out in the wash
  • Some characters might still need some help in a future patch, but I think there is still lots of room to explore them vs. the adjusted top tier now.
  • I think they made the Riptor manual change just for @Fnrslvr
  • I think Aria and Omen are really good now

Still bugs me that Riptor’s mortar damage is reduced by 50% if you move.