3.4 Patch Notes


I just gotta say, this games “philosophy” is all over the place!

The devs constantly say they “avoid” certain things, then go and ADD MORE later. wtf?

im not listing every example, but one i noticed in the 3.4 patch is that Fulgore’s new shadow laser gives him 40-60% 1-chance breaks for some resources. WTF? WHY? We have had like 3 characters get nerfed recently because they could spend all their resources for high damaging 1-chance breaks, and now you go and give one to a TOP TIER character?

I have not even fought a fulgore yet since 3.4, so this is not a salt post. Its a serious concern. How can we know the devs are “listening” when they go back on there own ideals SO MUCH?


I’m disinclined to go through all the ways Hisako has to commit to things, so meh on that.

On the Fulgore piece, as a practical matter Fulgore has much better uses for a full bar than that. Mobility, hype be threat, pip cancels…there’ll certainly be times where it’s worth it do a combo like that, but I don’t think it’ll be particularly common or dispositive.


Not only will it suck up all his resources, it’ll also completely tank his reactor with multiple projectiles and a recently nerfed teleport. It’ll basically only be practical in instinct, and like…plenty of characters get crazy damage in instinct WITHOUT spending all of their shadow.


I do think 50% one chance (even for 8 pips or whatever, which is basically 2 bars of shadow) is pretty high, though.

I like that the combos exist. If it’s a big problem they can just adjust the damage on opener shadow laser or something slightly.

Of course, Fulgore could just spend it on devastation beam and kind of get the same reward more or less, so meh. The philosophy of hit confirmable one chances being around 40% at most, game wide, is something that makes sense to me though.


I heard 45%, but I can’t test since windows bodied my computer. For comparison though, riptor gets 43% for a one-bar one-chance in instinct, and she gets a flipout/HKD opportunity afterward, Jago’s instinct health swing is over 50%, etc etc. Sure, fulgore CAN do this outside instinct, but if he actually gets that kind of bar outside instinct he REALLY fought for it, and doing it outside instinct is…I mean, unbreakable damage is good, but I’d rather just beam and not drop my reactor that hard.


why not apply AGANOS,thunder, rash? frame patch is not apply. check plz!!!


Sure, it’s just one of those things I would “keep my eye on” and if it ends up being super silly and terrible, you can make an adjustment to the damage while leaving the combo in.

If it ends up being fine, then cool, we can let it rock.


I think this is the thing that makes it not a huge deal for me. Fulgore gets a ton of utility for his meter, and if he wants to do burst damage with it, he’s got other ways to use it as well.

I’m definitely a fan of the philosophy of no crazy damage off one chances, but Fulgore’s full bar shenanigans aren’t really anything I’m going to get incensed about. He’s got a lot more nonsense he can do with that bar.


Max’s video showed 43% if I remember correctly, I think it still seems a bit much, but It costs a ton of meter, and there is also that chance to break, so not so bad.


I mean…43% on a character that generally has to fight hard or pop instinct to get bar, for twice the cost it takes other characters to get similar damage…yeah, I’ll call that fair.

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Small question about the Twitch stream if I may, you were about to make a comment about the following change to Kim but was interrupted. I just wanted to know your opinion on this change as you said you’d address it after Sajam was done going over the rest of Kim’s notes but I don’t think you ever came back to it. Was there anything noteworthy about this adjustment?

Shadow Firecracker now steps forward like the Heavy Firecracker does. (Hopefully a few less Shadow Counters whiff now, but some still will.)


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You sound like you’re high and/or drunk yet still demonstrate with remarkable clarity that you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. I guess that’s commendable?


Not sure this is the place to report this, but in Shadow Lords multiplayer once a match my left-right controls will be reversed for 10-15 seconds. I’m using a xbox360 Hitbox on Win10. This doesn’t happen in any other game mode.


Just labbed this up. It seems like it’s only possible in corner situations, otherwise the second DP whiffs even if the first DP was blocked point blank. Maybe it’s possible anywhere on the screen against certain characters? Wulf and Riptor with their forward-protruding head hurtboxes come to mind.

Anyway, if two-meter unbreakable cashout isn’t worth it anymore (haven’t really tested it much so I’m not sure), then all that meter has to go somewhere, right? Maybe expect to see fireball-cancelled DP more often.


Not really sure what to tell you. I poked into the third DP and got dunked for it, but the second DP sure as hell connected against me midscreen, and Hisako’s certainly not a large hurtbox character. No idea what the rules are governing it, but it’s a fact that I had to hold DP->shadow fireball->DP->shadow fireball, and I wasn’t in the corner or anything. :confused:

This could totally be true, and if it is, then it’s to the detriment of the game IMO. I barely tolerate invincible reversal->safe shadow as it is, but with Jago in particular I think it’s super degenerate. He does fine damage without ever having to use shadow anyway, he builds a crapton of meter, and he’s already super frame trappy. If he’s going to play the “lol…it’s not your turn yet dummy” card by throwing out DP’s at negative frames, then he should at least have to commit to it. Safe invincible reversals are degenerate in general, and Jago’s pressure options and neutral are more than good enough that he doesn’t need nonsense like that.


I’m still worried about Fulgore, but we’ll see.


Just tested this against Hisako, and yes if you do DP xx shadow fireball and then immediately DP again, your DP whiffs. However, if you “microwalk” before doing another DP, you can get Hisako to block it mid screen. That’s probably what was happening.

As for whether the unbreakable is worth it, I think it is at certain times. Watched a set with Thompson last night and he was using it for about 30% damage (down from about 35%), which definitely still seems situationally worth it.

I think DP -> shadow cancel could go in the game and the game would probably be a little better for it. Until it does, though, KI has tools to let you play around it. It would affect only a few characters anyway (Jago, Orchid, and Fulgore most notably).

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Based on what I tested none of his command moves or specials are throw invulnerable. I think that the only part of RAAM’s arsenal that is throw invulnerable is his Shadow Dominance command grab, but it’s 1f start-up so it’s not much to talk about.


Did this update fix the bug that made mad catz wired 360 controllers not work with the game? My mad catz controller worked fine all along until the Shadow Lords update (it even worked fine during the SL Beta). Microsoft brand wired 360 controller works fine, but neither mad catz, nor ps4 controllers work now. Please fix this major problem.

Update: Just checked and the update didn’t fix the controller bug. I really hope it’s fixed soon.