3.4 Patch Notes


You are making a huge assumption that this is the game not working as intended.

The bug that affected thrash heavy was unfortunate but to imply TJ reviving due to something COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE and TJ not reviving due to an unpredictable bug are on the same level is pretty off.


All interaction before an ultra the character isnt DEAD. He is only dead after the Ultra begins Unless you have full TJ instinct at the start of the ultra. Between rounds the player is not dead.


Okay, so let’s say TJ has 75% instinct built on the last round. I get a hit and kill him with a normal combo, but then continue to hit him with shadow moves and a big damage ender, because I want to do a fun combo and overkill him.

This will build TJ’s instinct bar and he will revive, despite me hitting him when the game was over.

Is that the game’s fault or my fault?

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Not a chance, pal.

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Why not? It’s clearly the game’s fault. I did nothing wrong. I was in the right…wait a minute…


Then why did you ask? The Infil mix ups lel.

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As sasuke99I would say,

Kan-ra did nothing wrong.

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That’s my line.


I can understand that, except unless I misunderstand the system its not 1 chance. You have 2 break chances which seems plenty to me and no different than any extended combo

Eyedol combo tree would go like -> Launcher Ender, Recap (1, 2 or more chances to break here depending on combo is how it used to be) then hit the ground and manual off the recap (2nd break point) -> then Ender.

Unless Im confused and you can actually ender off the stagger recapture that he does but you can’t ultra off it as far as I know.

In any event the repeated recapture isn’t really my problem so much as missing out on options on how to END my combowith ender, into recapture, that part and the mind games around it was really fun for me.


Yeah, it’s not a true one-chance, it’s just two close to one for my tastes. Two discrete manual breaks before the cashout doesn’t really make it that much more appealing to me - it’s still a cashout into ambiguous thing(x2) into another ender, and I just don’t like stuttery combos like that. Just my perspective.


but thats like Hisako’s whole instinct game… haha


Eh, she’s not cashing out in the middle of that kind of stuff though - if Hisako wants to confirm her damage, she legit has to end the combo. She’s got great options once she puts you on your back, but she has to actually put you on your back, which Eyedol doesn’t.

She might reset you to all hell in instinct, but she isn’t cashing out that reset damage mid-combo and then still hitting you.


yeah that is true, I more meant the combos are very stuttered with the ability to do lots of delayed manuals and such.


I didn’t even know this kind of thing was possible, because I had never seen it. :open_mouth:


That’s cause people generally know better than to needlessly give TJ meter after they’ve killed him. There’s nothing new about dead TJ building enough meter to give him Last Breath.

And yeah @FMRoss, it’s not the slow or stagger combos I dislike, it’s just the idea of multiple cashouts in a single combo.

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Even though it doesn’t change the damage calculations by much at all? You are doing such a short combo you dont’ have time to really build anything to cash out into.


*shrug * I just think if you want a short hard to break combo, you should have to commit to it. If you want real damage, then you should have to commit to that - no down payments with cashouts as you go.


yeah, I get the point I just think that the numbers don’t work out to support that, you get the same break attempts and the damage is lower than doing even a regular manual filled combo if you try and recapture multiple times.

What the change actually does is in situations where you would be doing POST launcher ender things, something a lot of characters can do, you have less options than you used to because the KV needlessly spikes up and thats kind of sad. Its pretty minor overall as Ive said for the character, there are much better combo routes for damage and you can even still recapture ender the sameway most of the time, BUT you pretty much have to use raw f+mp to do that most of the time, so then both you and your opponent get to play the 1 move both sides know its coming, break counter break game, which is pretty unfun imo.


Hisako is about as non-committing as they come though, both from the standpoint of cancelling into catch counters and ambiguous combo drops into command grab resets. Not to mention cancelling into teleports.

You’re just trading one for the other.