3.4 Patch Notes


I tried to jump, many times, knew it was coming and it got me every time TODAY. It felt like the block stun to that TC was really hvy and had me locked into block stun.

@FengShuiEnergy[quote=“FengShuiEnergy, post:173, topic:14774”]
Only the MP xx MK TC xx shoot toss can snag you if you’re blocking
So you are saying here that if you dont jump it will catch you, but the HVY TC will whiff the shoot toss? So you answered my question with an answer that doesnt have anything to do with jumping out of the the shoot toss cancel?


If he does the Medium TC and you do nothing it will snag you. If he does the Heavy TC and you do nothing (if he cancels into shoot toss early) then it will whiff and a free punish for you.


If you lose because you did an ultra that gave TJ last breath, you earned that loss.


Oh that’s BS!!! BTW I didnt loose…either time. SO you are telling me that if there is a grand final…Omen vs TJ… 2 major players on stream and if they Ultra TJ fair and square… he doesn’t have instinct and they do a juggle ender and he comes back to life…that’s fair??
What if my friend Thrash heavy had the role reversed in the AB& semi-final and Fyha Liger won , Ultrad and TJ came back and won? Would it be important then?
whatever man… .you are just trying to argue for the sake of arguing… just like all the other guys on here that have something to say just to be negative.

If it happened to you… you would be crying like a b*** wanting it fixed. Believe that.


huh? you literally could just end yoru ultra instantly and avoid the whole situation. Thats not an opinion its a statement of fact. Its NEVER important because you can always just kill. It doesn’t matter who it happens too, don’t be delusional.

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What’s the difference between doing a long ultra juggle (and building TJ instinct) and killing him with a standard combo and then doing 30 hits and 2 shadow linkers and damage ender on a dead TJ and building him enough instinct to revive?


Any updates to the AI, ultimate kyle?


If that happened in grand finals then you would deserve that loss. Why would you knowing throw away your grand final win just because you felt like doing a random juggle after the ultra??

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People love juggling I guess.

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In general, I’m personally not a fan of continual small cashouts in a single combo - if you want damage, you should at least halfway have to confirm into a “real” combo and ender. Stuttery one-chances into ender into one-chance into ender is frustrating to deal with.

The block stun might be absolutely huge, but if shoot toss hits you, then it should mean you weren’t holding up. Like all command grabs, it can’t hit you while you’re in pre-jump frames, so even if you press up 1 frame before it touches you, you should jump shoot toss no problem. If you were holding up while in blockstun and still getting thrown, then I’d recommend uploading a clip of it (with inputs turned on) and submitting it to the bug thread. Shoot toss shouldn’t be catching you if you’re holding up, period.


It’s a good thing it would never happen to me, because I would never extend an ultra in grand finals. Partly due to the fact that I value my time and others’ time, and partly because…well, OBVIOUSLY I wouldn’t give my opponent a second chance for no reason at all.


A few extra seconds is hardly anything.


Because it is DEAD. And he doesnt build the instinct until after the Ultra is done and the match is over…if it worked the way it was intended he would have revived at the start of the ultra.

You actually think that its “ok” for a dead TJ that lost the match becasue he had NO INSTINCT to then finally revive after 5 juggles from the end of an ultra??
A dead character should not be able to gain instinct after the ultra. the game is over!
Now you guys are just trying to be stubborn.

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Well actually no the game isn’t over till you see the victory outro. As evidenced in SL when gargos comes back with one health bar despite beating him.


Thanks Ill try it again and see. I was probably just too late with my holding up. I need to get in the habit of letting the block stun take over so I dont hold back the entire time.


thats why i miss the Gargos sadistic grab. :cry:


Eh, I always do one ultra let the whole thing rock and then use the ultra ender. But thing is sometimes the announcer says UlLTRA COMBO but other things it says ULTRA instead. I like hearing the ULTRA COMBO as opposed to just the ULTRA.


Dead characters build instinct when hit by non-ultra strikes. It means they will build ultra in between round 1 and round 2 (so don’t do a damage ender on them), and it means they will build ultra after you kill them in round 2 (so don’t extend a combo on TJ if you don’t want him to get last breath).

This is the way the game has always been, and it seems unlikely that they will change it.

Your reasoning for extending combos on TJ seems to be “because I want to”, not because it has any meaningful gameplay or balance impact? You can still do long juggle ultras on every other character, just not TJ. <shrug>

I dunno man, I’m pretty confused why you’re making such a big deal about this.

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Im really not… its those that keep quoting me and saying im wrong to think that its ok thats making the big deal.

I firmly believe that last breath was not created to revive TJ after a full ultra becasue of a stylish ender. And I guarantee if it happened in a televised stream just like the Instinct bug that happened to thrash heavy… they would change it.

I never lost due to this, but I could have. I believe in things working the way they are intended. So we can agree to disagree.


Well, it seems to me that “dead characters build instinct with non-ultra strikes” is the intended game behavior, since it behaves that way in all other interactions, right?

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