3.4 Patch Notes


By the way, glacius aint nerfed guys. He’s probably even better than before.


Any word on cross up bug for Aria and others?
In addition, I just saw similar bugs on youtube for Thunder, Spinal and Thunder with the same issue of flipped left/right inputs after a cross up.


You forgot the other part



Well she is a mighty midget. Like her deer in a headlights look friend?


What does Aria think of Patch 3.4?

she is okay with her stHK grenades being breakable but it’s the cross ups that bug her

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The grenades whiff more times then not. Hell cl.hk one of the grenades ALWAYS whiffs regardless. Then there’s the bugs…


Okay, so it’s over 2 weeks of having a buggy, broken ARIA. When is it going to be fixed? I can’t really play the game until then.


You can, just make some work arounds.


Yes, play another character.


Well your loss then.


Plenty of other, working, non-buggy, videogames out there.


I would respond with a snarky comment but I’m on strike 3 right now.

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This may seem out of place but the third Grey aria is all kinds of beautiful on her stage in the beginning shadow lords battle


Third grey?



You must fight 3 arias in succession, and the first 2 are gold and white I believe

T he 3rd one is a gorgeous steel grey color and all the lighting looks amazing on her


What mission? I’ve never fought 3 ARIA’s in succession before.


It’s always my first fight in the War Room in shadow lords.

It may have to do with my teams I usually have orchid or Kim with sadira or hisako.

Tonight I think ill try Mira sadira & aria

Sorry to derail the thread


Oh that’s probably why then. Story mission perhaps.


Sadira personal quest

Edit: @FengShuiEnergy, important, do not have Aria and Sadira in the team at the same time

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Oh that’s probably why. What’s the quest for anyway?