3.3 Patch Notes


You can get instinct from combo breaking, if I remember correctly.


That requires white life. You gain instinct by taking damage and combo breaking the white life.


Nope. Go into training and set dummy to break on autos. Do a light opener into light autos and tell me how much you have taken away from the dummy.

I just took off about 30-35% of one bar and he has full instinct.


I’ll go double check in a bit.


His instinct is easily among the strongest in the game.

TJ would probably be stronger in many people’s hands if he didn’t have the last breath mechanic, because they wouldn’t feel compelled to throw away a massive advantage in exchange for a chance to survive one extra hit.


Is that how it works? Because that would explain a LOT of the inconsistency I’ve had.

I had assumed it was just Arby’s shield throwing it off but I noticed on my other characters that I’d get full Instinct around 55% sometimes after testing pure damage was about 80%.

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Really? Being safe on nearly every special you have and being able to toss super unreactable overheads and lows at the opponent in disgusting, frame trappy ways (that again, are all safe) isn’t a comeback tool? Are you sure about that?

TJ’s powerline in instinct covers a stupid amount of space really, really, fast, and is (you guessed it) safe on block when done in instinct. Heck, it might even be “plus” considering how fast his next normal action can come out. You could also do something like heavy tremor->instinct cancel, which would put you at point blank range for whatever the heck you’d like to do next, if you don’t just manage to open up the opponent outright.

Wulf’s instinct is useless except at point blank range. So’s Hisako’s for the most part. TJ’s instinct lets him close space extremely quickly, and makes sure that it’s “his turn” after he’s there.

TJ’s defense isn’t the strongest in the game, certainly, but he can clip standard jumps in neutral just fine. For the characters with crazy aerial nonsense, TJ’s AA’s aren’t all that much worse than anyone else’s - everyone struggles to properly AA those characters.

Wulf can’t zone at all. Neither can Thunder. This is only a serious negative if the character’s tools do not allow him to deal with zoning or otherwise position himself in an ideal space. TJ can do both, even if he isn’t especially potent in traditional footsies.

Being in the middle of everything doesn’t make you the worst. It puts you in the middle of things.

Some characters mix up better depending on the situation, but it is not at all obvious to me that TJ is deficient on this account. He has (safe) high/low mixups, a command grab, and probably the best and most potent use of flipout in the game. There are characters in KI who can have a hard time opening you up, but TJ isn’t one of them.

TJ’s normals aren’t the best in a lot of situations. He also has fast stagger normal target combos though, and he has powerline to invalidate some footsies from other characters. TJ has good buttons and options, you just need to know what to press and when.

This is perhaps an indication that a character is difficult to play well. That does not correlate with how “good” a character is however. Fulgore is difficult to play well also.


It’s mostly because when you do get instinct on the first round people don’t feel compelled to use it because by that time they are almost dead anyway. It’s kinda for good reason though sometimes. However it’s when they keep the instinct for the whole match then only get last breath chance. It’s makes TJ players really easy to deal with because then there’s no instinct to worry about.

It’s the same way in destiny with warlock sunsinger class. Everyone just picked fireborn for every situation because “I want another chance.” or “it’s a lifeline when ■■■■ happens bro.”


I still pick the Fire Jesus perk. It’s something to fall back on, but I do use my super for Grenade and melee regeneration in most cases.


Well, he does get the ability to make his super long range high/low plus on block so…not ENTIRELY useless. :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh, if I did play warlock SS it’s either song of flame of the other one. fireborn’s too limited for me.


Remember people, TJ still gets to use half of his instinct speed boost if he saves it for last breath. So he’s not really throwing away all of his instinct to come back, he’s only wasting half of it so it’s not like he won’t get to go ham with it for a bit.

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He’s throwing away more than just half instinct time though… he’s also throwing away his ability to use it as a reversal, to make a mixup safe (ie, tremor or shadow uppercut), or to generate frame advantage. He gets half his instinct time and then has to waste more of it by taking a mixup or catching a zoner.

I’m really surprised it’s still used at all, to be honest. The extra hit you get is almost never worth this cost.


Except that he isn’t usually. If a character doesn’t have a last-breath mixup prepared beforehand, then they’re going to back away in the meantime and get as far as they can from TJ and make him chase them. If they do have a last breath mixup (and many characters do), then they get to meaty TJ with that mixup, force him to guess, and then in the meantime make him waste more instinct time having to down+back or jump+back or throw tech or whatever. TJ rarely gets more than a few moments of useful instinct pressure off of last breath.


Why can’t i jump after two blocked reckonings with gargos


Was a bug, and they fixed it.


Muh buggy gargos


Well, not exactly, he only gets to be plus on the low option =P overhead is still punishable (not just negative), even if FC’ed.

Not to say that it isn’t good. Hamstring has really good reach and low profiles sooo many stuff. It’s really an amazing tool with FC available. But it’s not a plus on block (or even safe) mix-up, not really.

FC does make overhead > shadow move safe, though, but that requires meter.


That’s the cost TJ has to pay for having the best costumes in the game. Man that cool cat has some fresh looking accessories! :smile_cat: Where’s the lie?

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Uh, like neutral? Back in season 2 I broke down the neutral options Jago had against the powerline machine. Even after introducing some difficult tech to counter powerline itself, each of TJ’s options covered its own wide swathe of Jago’s options, forcing Jago players to come up with a read to come out on top. There’s no footsies going on here. The worst thing Jago can do is throw a fireball. Little has changed in season 3 to disrupt this situation. TJ wins the neutral, it isn’t even close.