3.3 Patch Notes


If people actually used his instinct right…

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But I want to have 20% health after I’ve lost. So I can’t use my instinct.


Right? I keep seeing people never activate it, and just wait for the second chance. Risk versus reward here would dictate that you’d, more likely, get more out of your instinct if you tried using it in your first health bar.


Tell me why. Why is TJ at the bottom? What is he lacking? Is he immobile? Does he have bad normals or footsies? Is he a low damage character? Is his instinct bad? Does he lack viable mixup and reset options? Is his combo trait bad or not useful?

TJ has linear attack options, but the answers to the above questions are "no, no, no, no, no, and no. TJ has limitations, yes, but there’s no way in hell he’s unambiguously the worst character in this game.


preach, they keep talking about Tiers… KI is well balanced there are no wide gaps of character Tiers, every character has limitations and matchup struggles, but every character also has a way and strategy or method to beat anyone… at one point just because Rico & Gutter were using Thunder, everybody was like best in game, and I’ve never had a hard time against any thunder as Jago… they said Aganos was crap all the way up to KIWC when an Aganos was thrashing people… these are just weird excuses and cliché bandwagon opinions… Remember the whole Kan-ra is super broken campaign… now he is as average as and mid tier as ever…


His instinct. As much as good it is. Is not a comeback tool. Reason why no one uses instinct as much as they should is cause it augments the speed of his moves. This is only useful when he is in your face for mix ups. TJ combo is not the best at anything. His anti air options are hard pressed without meter. He can hardly zone. He’s like at the middle in everything. Most characters mix up better than him and gave faster normals than him. They also have father normals. It’s very hard to make TJ combo work without experience in fighting games.


It makes everything safe and makes his mixups unreactable. How is that bad?

It speeds up powerline and his normals too, so getting in is easier.

Neither is Fulgore. Or Jago.

Half screen target combos. That’s all I’ll say.


False. Use Instinct in first bar and profit.

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Negative, I only get one instinct a match with TJ. Gotta save it till the end.


What? That makes no sense.

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It’s a joke on TJ players that just save both instincts for last breath.


One instinct a match?


Seriously, Instinct bar comes around at about 85% of a health bar or so (approximately 316 hit points). So yesh, use Instinct in first bar.


Crapbaskets, I fell for it.


It’s 250 health you need to gain instinct. Last I checked.

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But they are better at TJ for what TJ does best.


Really? That’s about 63% or so. Seems kind of low, but could be right.

I have a working theory that some instinct gain isn’t solely the quantity of damage but the quality as well. Anyone else notice that?


Yes, it’s why for ARIA if you only take damage on one body and lose it you’ll be almost full. Then all you need is 10 damage on another body and you’ll have it. Since her bodies are 240 health each.

Wait a minute…did I not see this? Does this means she can get 3 instincts a match? How did I not see this?


I have seen what TJ is capable of by watching, and playing against, the best. He is WITHOUT A DOUBT not bottom of the barrel. If anything, I’d actually argue that he hovers somewhere above the middle and closer towards the top.

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Yup. You just have to hit her once or twice more after she’s dead and you can get an instinct per Life Bar.


Wait no…it’s 2 instincts. nevermind. because you have to destroy one body fully plus a little extra to get one bar.