3.3 Patch Notes


No Kim Wu changes, or any fixes to her SC bugs :frowning:
She also has a bug where she can re-stand people after a back throw

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Kan ra got buffed. How salty can he get?

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Wha? I never seen that bug.


Interesting patch notes, good explanations.

Wonder why we can’t have alternate themes that aren’t stage specific play in replays yet? Means we can’t use Eyedol’s theme in fight archive replays yet… :frowning:


Lol. Yeah, I’m actually kind of glad it was a bug - I found it two or three weeks ago, and was just like “that’s always been there? How did I not know? :open_mouth:

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Maybe I’m just crazy, but I don’t think he got hit that hard. Yeah, it’s noticeable but it really doesn’t change any of his tactics or maneuvers. He’ll just take longer to wipe out a health bar and we’ll have to adjust to the extra second on cool down. No biggie.

Or maybe I’m just an optimistic Arbiter. Don’t care. Still love him. These nerfs change nothing!!! Muahahahahhahahaha!!!


(looks at Gargos’s notes and sees no real nerf.)
Mwa ha ha ha haaaaa! My reign of Terror continues!


What nerf would there be?

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Mini-update on Arby: Spent a little time with him in the lab and, unless my sleep-addled mind is playing tricks, the nerfs are hardly noticeable. The grenade and damage ender don’t hardly feel different, but the gun loop is noticeably weaker (about 10% less damage over all). This is understandable though and you still get around thirty for four shots into one chance break. Very acceptable nerfing, as far as I can see.

Another unlisted system change, resetting with menu and view buttons reposition you AND reset resources/timers/whatever. No longer do you have to select restart in the menu to actually replenish.

EDIT: Additional unlisted system change makes any new unlocks display a triangle notification next to the collection and store options and over the areas that you unlocked it for.


Panda is OP and broken. Plz nerf.


Wasn’t talking about Kan-Ra. I don’t thing his change will make him play Ra again.

I was talking about his new main Arbiter that got nerfed.


Did he? Looks to me like the way he plays is almost exactly the same, he just gets less 1-chance damage, has more reason to vary his enders, and has fewer grenades available, but not by much.

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All my mains except Glacius got touched, but, when does Shadow Lords come out? Because we have the Astral Plane stage in the update but, it says we have to beat Gargos in Shadow Lords, in which we don’t have it yet…


September 22nd


Nah haha. I don’t even think he got hit that hard. I just wanted to set up for a joke about bodying Sleep.


Yeah, not getting the RAAM modifications/seeming nerfs. Maybe he’s like S2 Kan Ra and they know that people are about to uncover horrible, horrible things, but then again maybe he’s like s3 TJ and he’s just going to be bottom of the barrel. Overall, though, thanks team for finally listening on Fulgore and Jago and doing your best to make this the most balanced game possible! Looking at our evo Top 8 it’s amazing how much more of the cast was represented than any other game.


I see no difference in Wulf’s c.mp and c.hk, it doesn’t consistently connect with the overhead either. This change wasn’t worth it because c.mp + ragged edge is a better and more consistent option. However I’have noticed something else which is interesting but I have to be sure so I’ll be back to the lab.


Oh dear. Are we still saying that TJ is bottom? :neutral_face:


No character is bad in this game. But yes, TJ I is at the bottom lol.