3.3 Patch Notes


They fixed that Sadira Salticidae air bouncing bug that I reported, just as I was finding uses or it… Oh well, exploiting bugs in the game is not the best thing to do anyway.


Well he get some nerf, but he didn’t get worst nerf like Kan-Ra


So they also fixed the gargos bug with his reckoning.


Good patch notes. Looking forward to seeing some of them in action. :thumbsup:


A system change I noticed that isn’t in the patch notes is that the 8f animation on the startup of lockouts is now gone. Yay! Now I think people will be a lot less frustrated with feeling like the lockout came after they counter broke.

I really think this should be mentioned in the patch notes though!

Because Gargos’s quad-ultra lasts longer than the entire match itself.

Eh, I bet they had these changes planned like 4-6 weeks ago, well before Evo and probably even CEO. Sleep shouldn’t think these patches are there just to make his life miserable, but rather to address a playstyle that makes the character so strong in one aspect that it’s not worth doing anything else. Degenerate playstyles should be addressed even if it’s not coming from the best character in the game.


Wait, really!? That’s awesome!


Yeah, go check it out. Get the dummy to do a combo and then intentionally lockout on it. The lockout X comes up noticeably faster. (I then took video footage and looked at it frame by frame, and it is definitely instant with no delay)


Damn it, I’m not home! XD


I’m sad they didn’t fix the Raam ultra issue though… thought they might have caught that one among the Raam problems. Hopefully we don’t have to wait 2 months for it. :frowning:


Well with that unbreakable glitch he has…maybe not…


What glitch is that?


Supposedly this one.

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So nothing for changing RAAM’s throw vulnerable hit boxes? Does it really make sense that you can beat all of his command grabs with a regular throw or another command grab? :frowning:


Here’s the weird thing…you can break them in training…but not anywhere else…


So you might get that change for raam sooner then you think. Because I don’t see this eyedol glitch staying for very long.


Well, they will probably hotfix patch this but usually that doesn’t include any other fixes. But yeah, I dunno, hopefully they address it sooner rather than later.


Well they did fix the gargos reckoning bug this patch and the lockout 8 frame animation. So perhaps.


I didn’t even know Hisako could instinct cancel her command grab. Some Hisako I am not knowing this lol


They also gave ! When you get something or unlock something now.