3.3 Patch Notes

Check out the various character balance and bug fixes here:



No nerfs today for mah toad, Rash!

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I’m really curious to see how that Kan Ra buff pans out. I like the idea.

Did you guys fix the bug where Gargos could still double jump after a second consecutive reckoning?

Aganos wallsplat change makes me sad. :’( Had some fun combos with it.

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Slowly adding beef to Kan’s soup.


YES, those ARIA fixes. It’s kinda funny sad to see her 1f shadow DP gone since I was one of the only few to know about it. But oh well, no big loss there.

The other two changes however…YES!!! This is great news. Take these CH cl.hk boys, no instant QR’s for you. And get these kryll outta on my body switching.

Thank you God. Arbiter don’t have worst nerf…

IMO he did. Who do you think had the worst?

Eh, they aren’t that bad. I mean why would anyone use any other ender rather then damage? Might as well not even have any other then then damage ender.


I dunno I personally used ground bounce ender a lot.

Maybe I was the stupid one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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They listened.

And many of us didn’t even want them to go as far as they went.
For me it would have been enough to transform shadow trap into normal trap only on combo breaks. But on any hit is a welcome buff.

They made the best move in the game even better. But Ra needed it.


I don’t play arby. But since damage ender was the go to and you can throw on a grenade or carbine shots for free…the majority thought “why use anything else?”

But it also made them predictable.

Cause you could get flipout off ground bounce, as well as the light target combo for timing.

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We’re both stupid then. Sure, damage ender was the majority ender but overhead ender provides such great setups. Definitely used both regularly.

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Oh yeah, but the majority thought otherwise.

Oh…and I can’t even imagine the salt level on @F3Sleep right now…

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I wouldn’t pay it any thought. It was probably gona happen anyway. Main or no main.

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Yeah, just checked, it’s fixed! =D

The bugged lighting on his wings is still there, though xD

Damn, Arbiter got hit hard…

No matter… No nerf can stop me when I have an Arbiter that could body Sleep! *Sarcasm

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