3.3 Patch Notes


I wish they gave Spinal his draining powers back #makespinalgreatagain


No, not after the Spinal I saw last night that completely shut me down…


Maybe then, draining only when in instinct, but you are right, it’s not that Spinal is weak now, this would help tho especially with S3 characters. :slight_smile:


Giving Spinal the ability to drain WHILE having skulls bouncing all over the place. A bit too strong don’tcha think?


lol yeah, it sounds OP a bit, I was having S3 characters in mind, for example Spinal can’t drain Arbiter’s grenades and bullets, but it would help immensely against Gargos and probably Eyedol, but obviously it’s best balanced as it is now so I’m not complaining really :wink:


If anybody instinct needs buff it’s would be would be wulf It should buffed or reverted back because it’s useless unless your a wild master. Everyone’s else’s is straight forward and is good. While is complicated and not good.


Ps. I don’t main wulf but after him being hit the nerf hammer I never see him.


Doesn’t need it. Flipouts, dash throughs, divekick mixups. st HK is also really really good now, it can trade or outright beat forward moving buttons if timed right and gets stagger on grounded opponents. Plus the new changes to his buttons will make him even more dangerous if you let him get within claw’s reach.

PS: I’ve only played him for about an hour since S3 dropped, but I’ve been hit hard by a couple of Killer Wulf players that definitely make the case for him still being one of the strongest.
PPS: Forgot about the dunks! I really enjoy them dribbles. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wulf Button Buffs

I’ll definitely take that, yessir daddio!

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Wulf has some of the best normals in the game lol.


This is the last known update for the game, right?
Can someone tell me what’s the size of it?

Because i’ve been downloading the update since forever and I can’t play yet. :frowning:


2.6G on PC.


Ok, guys I am on mobile and I cannot seem to find the quote button. I see the reply button “the little arrow” but that doesn’t quote them…only references them.

I know this sounds like something that should be so simple; yet I am somehow getting it all wrong. Could someone please help me with this?

I know, I feel like a DERP!!!


Highlight the text first. The quote button should follow. If t doesn’t pop up automatically, hold your finger on the highlighted text to bring up a sub menu. That should work. I am on mobile too, but sometimes I mistake what I just pressed cuz my thumbs are huge and calloused. So, if that is not correct info, sorry, my thumbs lied to me.

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Ok, that did it. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hit the arrow on the bottom right, then touch the speech bubble next to bold.

EDIT: I’m so bad at this. You already figured it out 13 hours ago. I’ll leave now.

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Ok, that’s actually an easier way to do it. Thanks.


"I know I said a lot of balance stuff going forward would be smaller, but there is some really good stuff coming! Keep playing KI!"

I’m a little worried, honestly.


Worried but damn curious too xD

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Keits ‏@TheKeits 43m43 minutes ago
"Other than seeking even better balance, we are also looking to reduce frustrations where possible. #PlayKI"

“Balance isn’t always about Char vs Char. Sometimes its about balance within a single character’s options so they can’t rely on just 1 thing.”

“Stay tuned!”


I don’t know what hes getting at, and I know I’ve been digging the hell out of the characters that get a lot of flak for being cheap, bit I’m still excited for whatever happens. I like the idea of cheapness being made less cheap… so long as its still kinda cheap…:grin: