3.2 Gameplay Patch Notes (General RAAM Update)

Hey guys. Here are the patch notes for 3.2 along with our developer comments (in bold) on why we did certain things. Enjoy.

System Changes:

• Fixed a bug that could cause a fresh reset combo ending in a wall splat to blow out as if that wall splat was the 2nd one in the same combo.
• Fixed a bug that could cause a character to rocket across the screen when performing an air counter breaker.
• We now enforce a minimum of 24 frames of hitstun when your opponent attempts to counterbreaker you, in addition to the 30 frame maximum we were already enforcing to ensure that counterbreaker attempts are punishable. (This means that you wont see grounded opponents popping out of hitstun early when you counterbreak from certain moves, making them feel much more consistent. )


• Fixed a bug preventing the LK and MK followups from being used after a Shadow Ender Sammamish.


• Fixed a bug preventing Spectral Manuals from causing Blowouts.
• Fixed a bug causing Spectral Manuals to always fan the flames of a burnout as a punch attack, instead of counting as the same move type as the auto double that came before it.

TJ Combo:

• Fixed a bug causing excessive pushback on a blocked Close Standing HP in the corner.
• Fixed a bug that could cause TJ to get a Tremor Ender instead of a Vortex Ender when canceling from a kick manual.


• Dagger Toss damage reduced by 33%
• Maya can no longer use air dagger toss after Shadow Leap Kick. (These two changes were made to reduce the very high once chance break damage Maya was getting in Season 3. We also feel that invulnerability is enough of a reward for the Shadow Leap Kick and that it doesn’t need to lead into a combo. Maya’s close to mid-range control of her opponent is still very strong, so this change weakens the damage of her defense without removing the potency of it, while also making reducing the 1 chance break damage.)

Kan Ra:

• Kan-Ra is no longer throwable during the active frames of Light Clutch. (This fixes an issue where it appeared that your Clutch was teched because you were thrown on the same frame that the Clutch hit the opponent.)
• The grab box on the first active frame of Clutch has been increased in size to cover the area closer to Kan-Ra. (This should help the move to not whiff as often against very skinny characters up close)


• Fixed a bug where Hisako’s low catch counter worked against air attacks that did not hit overhead.

Kim Wu:

• Fixed a bug that could allow Gargos’ minions to attack her during a specific part of her Ultra, knocking her out of it.


• Fixed a bug causing the 1st hit of the Heavy Punch auto double to whiff some crouching characters.


• Downforward+HK is now +12 on hit (was +15) and +6 on block (was +11) (This move was too good, as it could manual into itself. Now it still gives extremely high frame advantage, but not quite as absurd as before.)


• Increase the cost of Mist Form from 20 health to 40 health. (Mist form is incredibly powerful on both offense and defense, and in practice, the team feels this warrants a higher blood cost. We’ll be keeping an eye on how this effects Mira play.)
• When added after a wall splat, Embrace now heals for half the amount it would when landed from neutral (50 instead of 100). (This option is still powerful, and will still heal you more at Lv1 and Lv2 than a bite ender would if you have corner positioning, but the tactic is a bit weaker overall.)
• Mira can now perform Air Dash with (Upforward, Forward) inputs. (This will make air dashing feel more familiar to players experienced in other Air Dashy games.)


• Fixed a bug preventing Shadow Devils Divide from scaling in combos.
• Fixed a few issues giving Gargos the incorrect number of jump actions after a blocked Reckoning.
• Fixed a bug causing Gargos to keep going forward instead of falling when Air Light Crusher caused a counterhit.
• Reduced the length of the cancel window on Standing HP by 3 frames to fix a bug causing the Oblivion Ender to drop when late cancelled after this move.
• Fixed an issue that let Gargos use Stoneskin Explode to break out of some strike-style grabs earlier than expected.
• Fixed an issue causing the Portal Punch hitboxes to stay active for longer than expected.
• Fixed a bug where Gargos’ minions could interrupt enders and his ultra.
• Fixed a bug where Gargos’ Madness Commannd Throw would cause the opponent’s mesh to mirror.
• Fixed a bug allowing players to quick rise from Sadistic Drop Ender and Shadow Sadistic Drop.
• Fixed a bug causing the hit counter to not go up during Devils Divide enders.

No Changes:

• Jago
• Sabrewulf
• Glacius
• Sadira
• Orchid
• Fulgore
• Riptor
• Omen
• Aganos
• Cinder
• Aria
• Shadow Jago
• Rash


Thanks @TheKeits! Appreciate the action on your part. Good to see the quality of life updates.

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Very nice. Everything seems pretty reasonable, although I can already hear the cry from Maya users x’D

Mira Mist using up twice as much health is warranted, the move is far too good at evading oki and neutral keep away, it should come at a considerable cost to not be abusable. The wall splat > command grab nerf will make things harder xD although it will also give shadow embrace a reason to exist, most likely ^^

Arbi’s 3HK needed that. The move was far too good, IMO, and will still be amazing.

Gargos fixes all more than welcome! =D Everything seems to have been handled accordingly.

TY, IG! Now just wish the update would finish downloading so I can play around with Mr. Ugly Gears x3


I’m curious about the constant crashes? Searching for a match then placed on probation.


Nevermind got that mixed up with the air dash.

No, that’s air dash that took 5. Mist form took 20. She can still use air dash for mobility at a relatively low cost, but can’t turn invincible without a big cost.

Patch notes seem good! I’m so, so ready for those low hitstun counter breaker misses to go away, so thanks a lot for that change, devs. People won’t even notice it’s gone (they’ll just think “oh, of course I counter broke and of course it worked there”) but some non-trivial percent of those counter breaks just wouldn’t have worked before. People won’t notice it but it’s a hugely positive change for the game.

All the other changes seem good. Maya doesn’t need 150% damage unbreakables, Arbiter df+HK doesn’t need to be +178 on block and the Mira changes are sensible.


Thanks for not hurting my characters. Also thanks for finally fixing kanra’s techable command threw.


What!? The damage of Shadow Devil’s Divide as an ender was a bug?! Sad days :anguished:

As a maya player this is a sad day like why both those changes make me cry because last patch I wasn’t good enough to do those things so It didn’t affect me but this hurts. The whole time I was hoping for buffs not unreasonable just a buff to dagger assault. My only question is I why. I’ll probably try to learn how to deal with it and later understand why she needed the nurfs


@TheRealMil because one chance breaks off of an anti air that lead to 40%+ is a little insane


All the changes seem reasonable. The Maya and Mira ones will probably make a few players salty, but I think they make a lot of sense. Now Mira will have an actual choice to make in the corner in terms of her combo enders, and may actually decide to stick around on wakeup every once in a while. :-p

General question about the “feel” of this change. I think the min required hitstun is a good idea, but just wondering what kinds of adjustments (if any) will have to be made for punishes. Say the opponent does light AD->counter break (with the counter done near the end of the light) and I don’t bite - has the timing allowed for my punish changed at all with the new patch? Or would that have been a character specific thing, given that the counter break window timings were inconsistent to begin with? I’ll definitely play around with it, but not at home to play right now so just curious.

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Let me please say once again #FULGORE NERFS PLEASE… GODDAMNIT…! I see what I have 2 do!


It’s fiiiiiine. If anything fulgore needs buffs! Can we make autotriples unbreakable? Maybe a damage buff to hype beam? Perhaps more frame advantage on a very low air shadow laser…


I imagine there will be a small amount of adjustment necessary on some moves (especially counter breaks after a light), but it will never be more than the longest possible counter breaker freeze currently in the game, so if you’re used to punishing, say, heavy auto-double xx counter break, you just do that same thing now.

If you try to punish stuff with throw a lot, though, you might get got more often than you used to. Maybe people will punish with normals out of necessity, finally. :smiley:

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They nerfed Mira?


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Are the menus slightly washed out since the update, or am I mis-remembering how KI looks?

I love when u guys nerf Maya, feels soo good. Thanks @TheKeits

And why wouldn’t they?

Corner combos into heal were the only option. If you think about health bars as a damage spread instead of just raw damage, her corner combos were immense. Easily made Jago in instinct jealous.

Further, her mist form was mindless. There was almost never a reason not to do it. Knocked down? Mist form. They jumped at you? Mist form. Under pressure? Mist form. Got them under pressure? You get the idea.

She’s one of the characters that I think needs to be watched the closest in this game. She’s going to scale incredible well with pure skill, and you’re already seeing that. To point for the fence, give her a year, and she’ll be top tier… even with the nerfs.


Oh, yah, forgot to comment on the normalization for the CB stun time, finally no more CB’s unexpectedly not working! Thank you! =D

On Maya’s changes, I think anyone who looks at this game competitively should agree that 30+% from a 1-chance to break off of a fully invulnerable reversal wasn’t right. And in instinct you didn’t even need the extra shadow meter for the cash out, it was a bit too insane if you ask me. Fully inv reversals shouldn’t lead to that kind of damage, much less with close to no chances to break.

These Mira nerfs really make me happy that I’ve been emphasizing conservative health management :joy::triumph:

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