3.1 Patch Notes

Wait, what about the “STAGE ULTRAAAAA” callout? IIRC, you guys were planning to change it?

The following normal and command attacks now count as Openers, so that followup manuals, specials, and shadows are breakable.
-Standing Far MP
-Standing Far HP
-Crouching MP
-Crouching HP

Obviously, these buttons can now also go straight into auto-doubles, right? Also, I assume that now any linked sword normal (normally un-cancellable) can be cancelled into a guaranteed linker?

Guess we’ll see tommorrow.

I honestly hope the stagger combos stay but become breakable.

Because mindgames.

It’s not projectile invulnerable and it’s presumably still static, so it’s not good to avoid grenade-like things. It also doesn’t recapture like a couple of characters’ Shadow Counters. The spacing between the hits is also very slow, so it’s not good for getting past armor.

Has Maya’s ultra been fixed?

Was the retro color 7 for all characters statement a typo?

I suppose I should have phrased that more clearly!

I was hoping Keits could tell me if they purposefully want her SC to be “bad” for a specific reason, or if that is an unintentional state it is currently in.

Clearly, it has flaws!

Retro Color 7 is for Season 3 characters only. I don’t have a direct quote for you right now, but that has been stated a couple of times. I agree that the post’s wording isn’t crystal clear, but I do know the answer.

B-But I want Kan-Ra and Cinder get retro color 7!


Yes, a bit of a strange explanation about the SC.

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HNNG, my heart!

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Nice update! Now lets hope that my SHADOW LAB downloads correctly this time and is playable!!! If it does not Im going to be really PO since that is my favorite mode in the game.

Hoping some of the looseness of the combos is gone as well. I swear the hit stop is too short and Ive seen several times where my opponent can get back to blocking out of hit stun mid combo.

Anxious to test out Mira and get my Omen Shadow back on track

My heart still yearns for the old TJ at competitive scenes. Since his update, I hardly see him being used. He was one of the funnest players to see.

Yeah, I am also four weeks without Shadow Lab!

You too? SO you, I, Stan the Man, and someone else on here has been without. Did James Goddard contact you? He has contacted me and Stan, both gave him speed tests and time stamps to see if they could fix it… still no luck.

No, but I did report it.

Season 3 Characters only.
-Rukari 2016


The shadow searing skull changes hurt, but fair enough I suppose. Tagging a shadow curse on top of an instinct curse was very strong as it meant you could prevent them from gaining any instinct meter even on a successful break. Oh well.

I can’t see a fix for shadow cold shoulder being fully invulnerable before the freeze (I reported it back in season 2).

Good notes though, excited for the patch.

No. I think you misunderstood. Special moves are openers, but not all special moves have ‘opener cancels’ into autodoubles available. For instanct, Jago’s Wind Kick is an opener, and it has opener cancels into autodoubles. Jago’s fireball is also an opener, but you cannot use autodoubles after one.

All opener means is that everything afterward is breakable.


So basically all it means is that the sword normals function exactly like Shago’s Back+HK Axe Kick, correct?

That’s what I suspected.



The salt will flow.

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