3.1 Patch Notes

Did you put it in the bug thread?

We never have and never will “re-balance for the sake of it”. All of the changes we make are in pursuit of the best possible combat ecosystem and game balance.


Didn’t even realize shadow air on ryo zan had that bug lol

Nice to see a lot of bug fixes done.

Yay none of the Rash changes affect my gameplan!

Is Retro color 7 only for the season 3 charecters or everyone?

I know.

I meant frequent changes outside of bugs.

Everyone has constantly shat on NRS (and KI during the first half of S2) for constant balance changes. NRS have sort of built up a stigma due to this. Though, many of their changes also have a weird habit of not making any sense. At least KI’s changes made sense when they happened.

@TheKeits - Thank you for color #7!!

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Cool patch notes. Nice to see so many bug fixes :slight_smile:
There’s just one thing that has me curious

•Added an Exclusive Retro Color 7 for all characters for players who purchase the SUPREME EDITION or Season 3 Ultra Edition bundles

Does this mean all S3 characters as shown before, or everyone? Because if it’s the latter I’ll be quite happy.

It’s everyone. But they didn’t reveal other characters’s retro color 7 yet…

All the changes are welcome… But i was expecting them to fix kan ra. The guy has so many bugs and some random stuff happening to him.

Please consider the following stuff for the next patch. ( i will post it at the correct thread once i finish posting it here)

Normal sand will disappear randomly after an opponent breaks your combo.

Shadow “soup” will disappear completely after a breaker/getting hit and randomly after a teched throw which is a huge punishment for kan ra, why not let him keep a normal pool of sand!? Is people still salty about him? Do you guys hate him that much?

The beginning of any scarabs (except the shadow one) used to “destroy projectiles” while giving you the chance to put a projectile on the screen, in S3 he cant do that anymore, why the sudden change? this was an important tool against “fireball” happy characters like Jago/Omen/Maya.

While standing on a “shadow” soup, a normal move into any tornado wont connect, since the game will briefly try to “initiate” the “charged” tornado projectile automatically, giving the opponent the chance to block the move and screwing you up.

Kan ras throw its not viable, can you please add a little bit more “push” after the move so he gets a decent distance between his opponent and him? like in his wallsplat ender…


No bug fixes for Windows 10 crashes? So sad again :disappointed_relieved:


Good changes overall. The context notes are a great idea - nice to see some of the thought that goes into these things. :slight_smile:

Something we’ve been asking around in the Hisako forum - is there a specific reason why possession whiffs on a staggering opponent? As far as we can tell, it’s the only command grab in the game besides annihilation that can’t catch an opponent in this state. If possession is going to behave like a grab, then wouldn’t it make sense to have it behave like one in this instance (wall splat/stagger state) as well? It should scale heavily of course, but it should still probably hit.

Not necessarily expecting a “fix” for this (as I assume it’s intended), but some perspective would be nice.

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Its built in a really strange way that I can’t really explain without showing you dev tools, and it has some uniqueness to it as a result. If you don’t like this behavior or think its a bug, you know what to do.


Understood. To the bug thread fellow Hisako’s! SwiftRage

Seriously though - thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

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Is there a specific balance reason it is “bad”? Or is trhat just your current assessment of it?

I actually experienced the bug where Arby’s jumping HP was power devoured by Spinal, so I’m glad to see that get fixed.

The Rash vs. Aganos matchup is tough for the golem, so I’m happy to see his finger-flick get adjusted, as well as Rash’s wrecking ball - it should make it a bit easier for the golem. :slight_smile:

No option to put stage music on random??? Sad face


Any PC crash fixes? People are still having issues with it. People on Reddit are about to destroy the subreddit about it.


Fingers crossed for Pink retro Jago!


Ah snap. Shago!!!

I’m okay with the Spinal changes though.

SADIRA BUFFS! WOOT! WOOT! I’m glad that she’s gonna get a few more options!