3.1 Patch Notes

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Read the full change list here: http://www.ultra-combo.com/patch-notes-3-1/

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Im so happy


Dat change on Shago…THANKS IG :3


Hehe now it’s time for some double ultra’s :imp:



I love you guys. :purple_heart: lol


To be extremely clear; Yes, Kim’s shadow counter is improved, but it is still one of the weaker ones in the game. Don’t get too excited.


The additional “Context” info given surrounding gameplay changes is really, really welcome. Much appreciated!


Not really any balance changes to S3 characters, just bug fixes.

Maya got hit hard though, jeez.


But Keits, I’m still hype. I understand, but it does help some of the frustration in having a good read, and not being able to capitalize on it. Weak or not, I’m still hitting tons of people with it. Lol.

Thank you!


Fixed an issue where the announcer would not scream “Ultraaaaaaaaaaaa!” after a second ultra was performed.

Best thing from the patch for me.

Well, after Mira :heart:.


Finally Shago’s no longer to do that cross vertical attack.


He still can. It just goes up instead of at an angle, giving it less range and making it easier to punish.




I’m also happy that they fixed Wu’s Shadow counter. She still needs better AA’s tho.


I love the changes but there is an issue I’m surprised wasn’t addressed.
When getting a lockout on a counter breaker there are many times when the lockout graphic will not show above the character.

Also, I have told and showed you this directly last year, but there is STILL an issue if Riptor opens someone with a normal and follow up with a Shadow Tail flip which allows anyone to break the follow up shadow, this has been an issue for over a year, anyone else opens with a normal and follows with a shadow it is unbreakable until the following hit.


I’m glad to see these balance changes are mostly bug fixes and not straight up character re-balancing every month for the sake of it.


I have to admit, the balance changes were far less game-changing than I thought they would be. I am especially surprised that Dagger assault was not really changed and the Kan Ra was fairly unchanged, although I LOVE that they upped the damage on anti-air sting! I guess that means that IG is fairly happy with the state of KI, so I guess we ought to be too :grin:


Still no fix for resetting my online rank to qualifiers ( mind you online stats are still recorded and visible as well as my account progress is saved ) and resetting my shadow currency in shadow lab to 0 every time I close and re-open the game ( using PC version ).

I tried reinstalling the game completely and still the same problem.


With those fixes, Ultraaaaa scream back, lvl4 camera off…
Ki s3 is now the best game ever made!


Really enjoying the context notes from the devs. Thanks for taking the time to include those. Hope to see this trend continue :smiley:


No Windows 10 fixes?

  • game often crashes in matchmaking (which is super annoying, can happen after 1 game, several times in a row)

  • buttons assignment isn’t saved after exiting the game

  • for some people online rank is being reset over and over again

Probably way more. @TheKeits