2017 KI Community Fund Update


Kilgore could also be free for some period as it happened with rash.


Wow that is a lot of money raised in that amount of time I can’t make it to the ki cup but I will watch it.


I don’t think the team should feel obligated to give us any Kilgore content for free - the reason for the $10 price was on the tin, and everyone who bought him knew exactly what they were buying. Extra content costs money to make, and I think the team should be compensated for that work.

Still don’t think Kilgore should be removed from the store, but neither do I think that if he isn’t, the people who paid $10 for him are owed anything.


huh, correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve heard Kilgore is bugged since release and that some of his tech that’s supposed to work, isn’t. IG/MS want me to buy a busted azz character before it’s even patched cause the official patch is past the availability window of buying this character?
I mean. we got to try rash free. shago was some weird skin that turned into a thing, which was kinda free. Ultimates are free. I agree that the monetary lines that define seasons are fading, but patch his set before you take away my ability to purchase him.

right now I’m pretty scrubby and I haven’t lost to one Kilgore since he released. is it because cause he’s bugged? this all just feels like a high pressure car salesman tactic. cause right now, I’m not sure if Kilgore is viable in his current state. at least shago and rash were broken to have an advantage. I’m completely in the dark about kilgores skill set.


Just give the people who bought him for 10$ some KI Gold and let Fulgore be 5$ just like his brother Kilgore…wait what?


Kilgore is actually very strong, deals insane damage from one chancers FROM A REGULAR THROW, and if he remains in this state, would be very frequently represented in tournaments.

Seriously, he is nuts. But he requires lab work.


Gonna have to agree with this. I wouldn’t mind getting something for free for buying Kilgore early, but as Storm said, the devs don’t owe us anything for buying him at the $10 price tag when we knew what we were paying for.

Also, please don’t remove him from the store. I would prefer not to see Kilgore banned from tournaments while he’s not available.


i meant for about a month free until they do what they are planning. not forever free.


Here we go with all the ANALOGIES from people that dont agree.
We dont need another analogy to understand your stance on the subject. JUST SAY what you mean and move on please.

“Its like driving a Pinto next to a Lamborghini and a baby sucking his thumb verses a girl” …stop it already!

** We dont even know how long he will be removed from the store either. It could be a 2 week period. It could come out on patch 3.7…who knows?

I find it odd that people think saving 5$ is worth waiting 3 months while complaining the entire time. You could have found 5$ in your couch cushions and on the side walk in the tat amount of time.


Analogies help someone understand a point.


If they would give an exact date, or even just a month like say May or June, I think that would be fine. I understand the feelings toward taking it off the store with no definitive timeline though.

However, I would be incredibly disappointed if CEO and especially Combo Breaker banned Kilgore. I feel like it would be punishing the people who did buy him, and the developers who made him, by not allowing the game to be played to its full extent on perhaps what will be killer instincts biggest tournament


Holding him ransom for an unknown period of time to try to get us to fork $10 instead of waiting for the $5 regular price, huh?

Nice :ok_hand:


Er… They could also charge us $0.50 each time we want to play a round, but I don’t think long term it’s always best to go for every cent you could get.

As far as this news, I’m not sure if 10,000 plus people buying Kilgore is good or bad. Obviously a million would be better. It does give us some sense of the active player base.

I understand your view. But people have plenty of warning now and should know to get him. If people want to wait to save $5 that’s their business but I think he should be legal.


Lol. Although I love analogies, this was too good a quote to pass up.

Edit: so I studied the rest of the thread. Apparently the sky is falling (again). For the record, I’m not very concerned about the three people in the universe who would be deterred from playing KI by the lack of Kilgore’s availability. You can, however, add me to the list of $10 purchasers who wouldn’t care if they dropped him to $5 today. But I think it’s naive to believe that people won’t come out of the woodwork and start squawking when they do this. And while I’m not enmeshed in the tournament scene I’m having a hard time understanding why TOs would need to ban him. Shouldn’t all the FGC people buy him now to support tournaments? I’m not convinced any significant number of people interested in the competetive scene would somehow miss out on Kilgore even if he was unavailable for 3+ months.


If they immediately dropped his price to $5, people don’t think that those already complaining about having to pay $10 before for him wouldn’t raise holy hell? I know that this site tends to be a chill place for fans, but there are other, less chill places where MS / IG could’ve received an earful.

For the record, I’m not one of those hellraisers. I paid $10 because I wanted Kilgore and I wanted to support the tourney scene. For me, $10 isn’t a ton of money and I honestly assumed that he’d be available for less down the road, but I was okay with my decision before and I am now as well. Plus I knew they’d close the donation at some point and had no idea when he’d come back.

Should they have told people back in early January that the price would be dropping to $5 and provide a specific date for that? Maybe. Of course it’s also possible that some people that might’ve paid $10 and donated would’ve just held off to get him for less. Should MS make that decision for them by withholding information? Tough to say. Really, there’s no good way to come out of this.

Just as there are people that get mad over characters not being available or having exclusivity windows, so too are there people that will get mad for feeling like they got conned in to getting something early, only to have it come down in price so soon after making the purchase they didn’t feel good about making to begin with.

A few cool people on this site who want everyone to have everything, whether it be for the tourney scene or just general philosophy doesn’t mean MS / IG wouldn’t take a ton of flak for people that were already complaining about the price before, and there were people complaining, even here.

So who do you placate in this situation? Do you give the people that were mad before a small window of exclusivity at the expense of angering tourney players who might not get to use him or do you further anger that first group by saying “oh wait, you paid $10 for him January? Well he’ll be half that in March and we never told you so… Thanks for your money.”


should Ubisoft tell its potential customers that watch dogs 2 will be 30 dollars instead of 60, if u just wait 3 weeks? even people who have yard Sales on Saturday start selling crap for cheaper later in the day. This game is owned IP, just like my junk at my yard sale.


It will be even more funny if seeing Kilgore being banned, someone will decide to withhold associated part of tournament fund :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a giant stretch though.


Good point. For the record, I’m not saying that I agree with that side. I’m just saying what they could potentially argue, even if I personally think it’s rather ridiculous.


I think removing playable content from the store for a possibly prolonged period of time is grounds for serious concern. Especially since we already learned this lesson with Shago.


“Added value” to me would have been a thank you pack of KI gold or something small like a terror skin pack. lol

Not to sound greedy or entitled but owning something others can’t buy isn’t really value to me, that’s kinda snobby.