2017 KI Community Fund Update


About kilgore, maybe they desided to make a season 4 bundle.


Thank you. And I feel I should clarify. By not in shadow Lords, I mean I haven’t seen any mimic kilgores. I’ve ran across a couple of shadow of Kilgore, and the dossiers seem to be behind some kind of wall since there are no mimic kilgores


This feels like the same “exclusives” stuff. If one’s enjoyment/validation of something is only because they get to use it while other’s don’t get to then that’s some pretty lame stuff imo and shows very shallow thinking. Kinda funny that the character that’s supposed to “support the scene” is going to end up being pretty much worthless to people who actually want to play him in a tournament.

This also ignores the fact that because you can’t record in training mode without purchasing a character, people who want to figure something out or develop the character but came late just get fucked because they didn’t buy the limited edition fulgore model.


It would just take time. Kilgore wouldn’t disappear from the store completely. I was late to get shago, mainly because I didn’t want him. But I eventually caved in for sale of having a complete roster and I still managed to get shago long after his fund raiser ended


Imagine this scenario:

Person A tends to like zoners in fighting games. He tunes into KIWC and sees Kilgore on screen doing cool zoner things. He had always kinda heard about KI being good, but finally checked out a stream of it. He asks the community and finds out KI is actually free to play!

He downloads the game and tries out Jago for a bit, then tries to purchase Kilgore. He’s not available.

He asks the community about what happened to Kilgore. The only information we have is that he was pulled from the store but will be available “later in the year”… maybe tomorrow, maybe 6 months from now, we have no idea. When asked why he was pulled from the store (were there bugs? was he unbalanced?), we can give him no real reason.

He goes and plays SFV instead. When Kilgore is re-released in the store some months later, he doesn’t care enough to re-download the game.


Not quite as passionate about it as others, but I agree that pulling Kilgore from the store for any amount of time isn’t a great move. Particularly on the tournament side of things, but also just on the general “I saw a cool character at X event but I can’t buy him” front.

Maybe “limited time offer!” works to move units? If it doesn’t (and in a substantial amount), then I can’t see why pulling characters off the shelves makes any sense. You can do it pretty easily with costumes (Capcom does it all the time, so maybe “limited time offer!” does move units?), but with full characters that’s pretty dicey I think. Especially when there are active tournaments going on in the interim. :slight_frown:


Great to hear!
So happy to contribute to keeping this awesome game alive!

Can’t wait to see who the next character is!

But I am also hoping to hear things about a new update soon. Kilgore is a ton of fun to play, but they seem to suffer from more than a few bugs that work against them. Will we see an update before Kilgore is removed from the store?


I bet he’ll come back once the other two characters are in place. Maybe they’ll bundle all three as some sort of “Killer Instinct Turbo Edition” for 15?


Don’t get me wrong. I 100% agree with what your saying. However knowing the internet I believe people will come out and say they were ripped off. Heck people complained that people could buy shadow jago after he was no longer a day one xbox live subscription card add on.


3.7 is slated to come out in March, but after KI Cup.


When I finally came around to getting shago the community told me the same things. “He’s gone” and yet I still managed to get one. But while I am already a ki fan so I stick around longer. So I’ll give ya that, the risk of losing a potential fan is present.


Someone better start tweeting Domi…




This is a weird situation the KI devs and publishers have with each other. Kilgore going away from the store makes ppl upset because they cannot buy a character. . . .but I gaurantee A LOT OF CUSTOMERS will be MAD if Kilgore is kept on the store and goes to $5 after 1 month. Like REALLY ANNOYED, there is no win win situation as far as customer satisfaction. I felt that needed to be said first and foremost.

Now what do I think they should do. . . . .I think Kilgore should stay on the store and drop for $5. While ppl will feel bad they “spent an extra $5”, it went to a cause and that cause is now OVER. I think allowing ppl to get this character at anytime will benefit your PR and playerbase more than giving the fans the value of paying $10 for those ppl who have it.

Incidentally, Kilgore IS going away so hopefully this character will come back sooner rather than later. I do appreciate the price drop to “established” character prices. The $10 price tag had a purpose and it is about to completely serve it. Thank you for the update @rukizzel


Easy solution for the Kilgore problem:

Make every single character playable in training mode. This should have been possible day 1. I don’t buy cars I couldn’t try out before.

By doing that you can do your hurry!-kilgore-is-a-limited-time-offer-buy-fast-as-long-as-you-can thingy and TOs wouldn’t have to ban him, because everyone would still be able to lab him/against him.


Kilgore being absent from the store is a dumb move, even dumber after experimenting the same scenario with Shago.

“Adds extra value” to his current owners it’s absurd. I own Kilgore and I feel nothing special knowing he will be “limited time available”

KI Cup is a great chance to showcase the game, and cutting out the chance for both newcomers and already regular players to get one character is absurd. The “preorder your game and get stuff” politic doesn’t work with characters. It damages the game appeal,and feels like MS shooting at its foot.

Well, its other foot, since the same happened already with Shago.

Kilgore may drop his price,but he should be ALWAYS avaible to purchase. I can’t understand how MS can take “ey, let’s take out for a while people’s options to buy our content” as a good idea.



LOL! Kilgore joke! Ha!:joy:

I know it wasn’t intentional, but still…


I have a suggestion to solve this problem - give these people that bought Kilgore for 10$ some small reward like exclusive skin for him, or some KI Gold, idk.


I like this idea. A colour 10 based on the KIWC colours would be a great idea.
That kind of exclusivity should be enough.
Either that or change Kilgore’s flame effect so cash flies out when he dashes, overheats, launches rockets etc.

"Kilgore might not be able to open doors, but he can sure make it rain! "