2017 KI Community Fund Update

Check out the full details here: https://www.ultra-combo.com/2017-ki-community-fund-update


So… we raised 50k as in 10k people bought him :thinking:


Hmmmm, why delay the $5 release of Kilgore to later in the year instead of just making it available as soon as the fund ends?

Added value for folks who contributed.


And so, begins another hype year of KI! Woo!


I supported and bought Kilgore. I didn’t have an Xbox when shago’s community fund was active, but I bought him later. If you guys wanted to really make some money, you should make us pay for Ultimates instead of giving them away for free. Anyhow, another community fund for Season 4! We know its coming! FIGHT ON!

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Do limited fundraising raise more money then a permanently open hand?

$50,000! Good stuff!

I hope those that earn some of this money will also strive to earn the community’s respect with top level play and good behavior toward each other, the devs and fans.

(Personally I hope @STORM179 wins the entire amount. But hey, I’m biased.)


Lol. I appreciate the thought :smile:


So I guess now the debate starts about whether Kilgore should be tournament-legal for the period where he’s not available for purchase. (If it’s not obvious I think he shouldn’t be.)



I would like to stress there is no added value in owning a character that other new players cannot purchase. We are KI fans; we want people to play and have fun with all the characters in the game, no matter when they decided to check out KI. And I imagine there will be some Kilgore tech shown at KIWC, maybe enough to get people interested in the game… and boom, they can’t even buy the character??

Taking Kilgore off the store is an insulting move to the entire player base, including those who play now and those who will play for the first time in the coming months. There is no other way to put it.

I think this really sours the (very cool!) news that KI tournaments will get $50k+ boosts in prize money for 2017. And for any tournaments that take place after Kilgore is removed from the store, I think tournament organizers will have no choice but to ban the character from play.

Please guys, don’t repeat the same mistakes you made with Shago.


Is that why he still isn’t abvailible in shadow Lords? No one has been able to get any of his dossiers. My archive says the dossiers will be abvailible after he’s released to the public.

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That sounds like something totally different. From the game’s standpoint he is “out” as much as possible. Let me see what I can find.

If it wasn’t clear from my last post I think the decision to make Kilgore not purchasable for any period of time is amazingly stupid. I seriously doubt any satisfaction people may have over having a character others can’t have will come even close to making up for people disappointed because they can’t have him, or the potential consequences for tournaments.

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TOs will have no choice but to ban him. It is the only logical decision that is fair for everyone.

It’s so ironic that Kilgore’s release helped raise money for tournaments, and now because of this decision from MS, he will have to be removed from tournament play.


Not if I come in there and swoop down like my Bird Ancestors.


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Does that mean over 10k people purchased him? Or 100k?? I’m no good with math and I refuse to learn now. Either way that’s still a really good number.

yeah seems a bit of an odd choice… but I know they kind of have to do this otherwise youll get people going “I only bought him at 10$ cause id didn’t think the price would go down that quick blah blah blah”

so no matter what they did they would potentially lose face. :confused:


I disagree. When you purchase Kilgore, they made it clear what you were buying: $5 for the character, and $5 to go to tournament pots. Many people chose not to buy Kilgore at $10, some because they didn’t want to invest $5 into tournament pots… this was fine, and their decision based on the information at hand.

When the tournament prize pool fund ends, it makes sense for the character to go down to $5. And I wouldn’t even say it was that quick… it’ll be over 2 months since the character was released when they stop the $10 sale. In fighting game terms, that is pretty long.

As a costumer who bought Kilgore, let me say my expectations. It was going to be one of two ways:

  1. The character is permanently $10 and the $5 donation remains mandatory and active for the full duration of the game’s life (ie, perpetual tournament support).
  2. The $5 donation period would end at some point, leaving the character available for the regular price of $5.

As a customer, I would never feel cheated if 2) happened, because my $5 went to tournaments as advertised and now people who didn’t want to donate to tournaments can start to enjoy the character like everyone else. I would have never thought they would take the character off the store to somehow… try and trick users into thinking that their extra $5 donation to tournament pots is somehow more valuable?

They learned this lesson already with Shago, and (rightly) quickly reversed their decision once the community said “not cool” to them. Why do they expect this time to be different? And you can’t even give the benefit of the doubt with “Shago was a special case because of the new moveset,” this is just straight up a character they created from scratch that they are pulling from the store.

I mean, if you want to talk about losing face, removing content from the store is THE fastest way to do that.

Then they should tell us about it now and keep the character in the store, so that we have the full information.

We already know there are 2 more characters coming. We don’t know who they are, but we know they exist. There is no surprise there. If they wanted to sell a bundle of the 3 characters for $10 (say), they could do it right now.