12/9 Textual Stream - The One that Wraps the Community Survey

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That just gave me a cool thought. Imagine the shark was lugging around an anchor and used it as a sort of pickaxe. It would be cool to see an unorthodox weapon like that.

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It still kinda comes back to whether or not you prefer something just because it’s new. To me, new doesn’t automatically mean better, and what each idea actually brings to the table beyond novelty, which would theoretically favor shark man, is still anyone’s guess.

On the most basic level, the idea of introducing a race of shark men does not appeal to me. Even in KI, where we have werewolves fighting robots and ghosts and vampires exist… I think of an underwater society and I start to think of Jar Jar. Even if I expand my range beyond that limited field of view, I still see that as a design choice that’s lacking both in terms of aesthetics as well as potential lore intrigue or even quality.

To make that less vague sounding, the idea of novelty in this particular situation means little to me if the idea itself is less than appealing. I don’t want Undertow, Master of the Lower Depths, rising from the water to battle Gargos on behalf of the sea. I don’t want to hear about how he dethroned Hell’s Hammer and stole his shark queen and how Hell’s Hammer has sided with the invasion with the promise of regaining his kingdom.

I’m also not interested in ARIA doing Cinder / Riptor style genetic testing / modifications on a shark when a dinosaur doesn’t sound all that dissimilar and we’ve had the gen mod on multiple characters.

Now, is it possible that they could make a background that makes me care about shark man, his lore, his people, his plotline, his allies and enemies and motivations? Theoretically yes. But for me, anything a Shadow Orchid could do, any story beats, would have a much lower threshold to become interesting simply based on who the character is , but also where they’re likely to come from or go.

Lore newness favors sharkman, but that alone doesn’t carry the day for me, or so much to make it more compelling. Golden Retriever Men could be new too. That doesn’t make me want them or their backgrounds, histories, character tie ins, etc.

However, if you like the idea of a shark man already, I can very much see this as a point in his favor. Absolutely makes sense. I see people wanting a Street Shark where I already see a Battletoad. I see people wanting a sea creature when thr lovecraftian concept sounds much more appealing to me. If it’s a human with shark powers, it’s stepping on Sadira’s toes. If it’s less human, then I still don’t see why I’d want a sea creature that limits itself to just one particular creature of the sea. If it’s a genetic experiment, don’t we already have that in Cinder and Ripyor.

This is obviously just my opinion though. I’ll keep trying to find in this what you guys seem to love about it. I also don’t mean to bag on your ideas and opinions! Keep it coming and I’ll do the same. :slight_smile:


Breh that first picture is the beesknees


And I can get behind this idea one hundred percent except for that fact that a shark monster doesn’t bring the cool factor for me. You want a sea monster? I’m on board. Let’s do this! But sticking unnatural looking legs on an animal that doesn’t have them and giving it a six pack and a nice outfit doesn’t make him an awesome monster in my eyes. It makes them a glorified teenage mutant ninja turtle and we already have one of those on the roster.

You see something really cool there and that’s fine. I don’t want to crap on everyone’s taste just because mine is different (not better or worse). Sorry if I’m coming off that way. I just think that there are tons of monsters that they could take inspiration from. A gorgon, lovecraftian, wendigo, etc that all seem cooler to me from a basic conceptual level than man shark. I personally want a sea creature, but not this way.

I’ll just leave it at that. I appreciate you guys talking with me about it though! Good conversation. If you want to keep going about it, I won’t bug ya. Think I’ll just go back and look through the original post and see if I have any more questions or if something piques my interest. :slight_smile:


Well to me if the man looked more like a shark because there’s a legit parts that seperate him visually from the other human players. The same reason I don’t consider sadira a true bug character is because she doesn’t look anything like a spider. Infact if you never saw her in action, you’d never thing she’d have any abilities about her that made her aspider.

Basically, in my opinion: in order to count it as a " proper creature theme" it has to have physical apperances and attributes that separate it from the human cast. Sure the sharkman would have arms and legs but at least it doesn’t just look a human with sea powers.

Upon further look I noticed I likely misherd a bit of what you said. I originally thought you were just wanting like an aquaman character; human apperance with sea powers as opposed to the actual man/shark hybrid creature.


Not to mention that, he can have some pretty unqiue gameplay
Also in my opinion, Sharks among the most badass animals alive today. It was liley second best to dinosaurs in the 90’s


I can picture a djinn character playing a lot like Green Lantern or Sinestro from Injustice. :slight_smile:

I like the shark concept and I think it could work within the story by using the lore of Atlantis. The battle against Gargos/disturbance from Ultratech awakens him from the deep sea kelp beds/steam vents where he’s been trapped for millennia, protected by the last vestige of magic that was ultimately used to destroy his once great city and people, leaving him as the sole surviving Atlantean. With his renewed vigor, he hungers for revenge against the one man who tricked his people into destroying themselves - a single word on his lips…


…and nothing will stand in his way, come hell or high tide.


You know, not to nitpick, but for an underwater society I would think low tide would be more of a threat to their way of life. High tide would mean more places underwater for them to inhabit.

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I was referencing good and bad, top and bottom. Since hell is the bottom (bad), then high tide is the top (good) and represents the highest point of his natural world.


never understood the appeal in this.
Is this a furry community thing

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Having crackdown agent is better then ever even witg his futuristic augments check this out (no pun intended)


Imagine this design from crackdown 2 Level 6 agent fully maxed out


Yes… and no

My problem with Shago is that he is a “version”. He is obviously Jago. You could see the game for the first time now, and Jago and Shago are clearly the same person. They have differences in terms of gameplay, but they use the same model(with a re-skin)

I will put the example of Omen. He is Jago+Sabrewulf, shake it and serve it cold. Once you see him fighting you could see the common moves, but until then, he is UNIQUE. Omen is not very detailed, but feels a character on his own, unlike Shago. And I’m talking about appearence, not even going into lore. And yes, Shago is more detailed than Omen, but still, I prefer Omen over Shago any time

If Shorchid is ever made, she will have unique gameplay. FOR SURE. IG are genious doing this. But I can’t help to the idea that going into the “versions” is taking some short of “not so great” route. Unique characer designs>Characters versions, at least IMO

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It’s kinda expected seeing as Shadow jago is one of the most popular characters right now Ill still pray to see Broccoli Man in action…


I fought a shago with the natural skin tone option and when I was hit by the first slide I was like “WTF HAVE THEY DONE TO JAGO?”


The slide is a family trait lol
Jago and Orchid both had it in ki2


In response to Broccoli Man getting voted so low, everyone collectively said unto him: “make like a tree, and leave.”


Totally agree…Im so not for Shartman

Im 100% for Chuthulu mage or Bloodborne Blood ministration , choir, great ones, ect…

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Idk why everyone is going so batshit about wanting Cartman in the game.


would just prefer in an original character done in the same vein.

Also @Iago407

Personally to explain the idea of this supposed “shark creature” existed I would think more along the lines as one of Gargo’s minions a demon of some sort tha thappens to have shark like qualities. Though if the sharkman could have some cthulian like qualities to it to add to the creature. Totally can see that work. Anything better than a blue man with sea powers. : p