12/9 Textual Stream - The One that Wraps the Community Survey

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That was a fake leak a year or so ago. Had the whole community in an up roar! lol…i remember that!


Yeah that was pretty fun! Lot’s of people got excited about that, and I remember like a whole day where people were seemingly confirming it, deconfirming it, “this guy did it,” etc. Granted back then I think people weren’t thrilled about it, but I thought the whole thing was a nice little drama to make the work day go by faster, if nothing else. :slight_smile:


Lovecraftian monsters are technically not sea creatures. They are actually cosmic and powerful beings from other dimensions that defie the laws of space and time.


Correct and incorrect. The Deep Ones are indeed sea creatures and certainly lovecraftian


Yeah my apologies, I didn’t mean to imply that ALL lovecraftian creatures are sea creatures. Obviously that’s not the case. I just meant that there are types of creatures inspired by Lovecraft that could absolutely fit in to this category. That’s more or less the line of logic I was using, but never expressed verbally. My bad. :slight_smile:

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Crackdown Agent This one im really Excited For i hope we get Crackdown 2 agent fully buffed and have The agility orbs u know like a Upgrade to his arsenal how eyedol has one that would make the character more intriguing


Don’t apologize, I am just a really big fan of monsters so I kinda geeked out alittle bit.

If we were to get a Lovecraftian character, it would most likely have some kind of relation with Spinal, because the origin of his shield is still unknown, and it is Cuthulu shaped.

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What is that!? Is freaking awesome.


I wouldnt mind linking Spinal to an extra character it would give him some more depth without having to force him into the spotlight in the main story, besides it does wonders for wonders for Aganos/Kanra, Thunder/Fulgore(/maybe even Eagle soon), etc…

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Did you make the pics?


Can we get ultimates already… lol

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Yes please. Can we, can we please?


Saw Moana, they gave us the best Shark Man idea yet:


I think the difference between Shorchid and a Shark-man in terms of originality people are complaining about is more of a lore issue than a creative character design issue. A Shark-man would bring his own original lore…who he is, where he comes from, shark-person society, genetic manipulation, whatever they go with will add some new and interesting facets that haven’t been explored to any extent.
And on the other hand Shorchid would likely just follow the Shajo reciepe…take glow-tiger human, insert Omen, shake until evil. No real back story, no real new concepts of lore to explore. The only way they would likely get around that would be to create an entirely separate character akin to Shadow Maya (Mira), but then many people would still complain that she’s not a “true” Shorchid, and will continue with the requests.

So yeah, lore-wise a shark-man would bring more to the table.


Also, it’s a goddamn shark!


Just searched for Deep One

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Sorry bud, but I wholeheartedly have to disagree with you on this one- Making a shark-human hybrid totally makes them a monster, and it’s not about the “super powered ability” to do anything, it’s about the cool factor of playing as a werewolf, cyborg dinosaur, undead ogre, or other inhuman monster that helps to set Killer Instinct apart from the token “normal folks from around the world, that toss around energy balls for some reason” fighting game.

If anything, if we just got a scaly blue dude who had “sea powers,” it’s just be blue Jago. I mean, the non-Shadow blue Jago. It’s the reason the I panned the Spider-Man movie featuring the Lizard, and the recent Suicide Squad’s Killer Croc; they should’ve looked like beastly, scary reptile monsters (as they were in the more recent comics), but they just came off as dudes with scaled faces. I had no interest to see those films because they refused to make the monsters inhuman, and designing amazingly creative inhuman monsters is one of the things that I love the most about Killer Instinct.

TL:DR? More this

Less this

Also, it’s very interesting how the proposed Sharkman already had a name: Alex. I’s love to know from the @Developers if Alex would’ve been his name, or a placeholder. .#TeamSharkman



That Sharkman is awesome


Imagine getting a powerline from that anchor hand…ow.
I would also assume any form of shark man would possibly include a “land shark” move similar to Glacius’ instinct portal punch, with nothing but a fin sticking up.


That Sharkman design is bad a s s.